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   Chapter 18 The First Kiss

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"Which coffee shop are we going to?" Gail asked.

"How about we go to the one you worked for before?" James stared at Gail and waited for her response.

"Okay. I'm going to visit an old friend there." Gail replied.

As soon as Gail and James entered the coffee shop, they immediately felt the faint scent of French perfume. Looking ahead, the coffee maker near the table leisurely provided coffee services for every customer. People felt comfortable under the warm light while listening to jazz music coming out of the record player. People in this coffee shop felt that the city was not too exuberant.

"Ronald, where is Anne?" Gail asked the coffee maker anxiously.

"Hello, Gai! Anne is upstairs. Take a seat first. I'll call her back." The coffee maker said passionately.

"No, thanks, Ronald. I'll go and find her by myself."

The second floor was also the property of Island Coffee Shop. But the customers were not willing to go to the second floor, so it was much quieter here. Gail quickly took James to the second floor, but there was no one there.

"Where is Anne?" Gail then rushed into the living room.

"Anne? Anne?" Gail asked in a low voice.

"Who is it?" A figure slowly poked out from the attic.

"Gai!" "Why are you here? I thought I wouldn't see you again." Anne said surprisingly, staring at Gail. Anne hurried forward and hugged Gail.

"Don't worry. You are still here."

"How are you these days? I haven't heard from you since you left here." Anne complained.

"What? I'm here now. I found a job in the RF Group."

"The RF Group? Ordinary people cannot work there." Anne asked with her mouth wide open.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce him to you. Anne, this is the CEO of the RF Group, Mr. James. Mr. James, this is my good friend, Anne." Gail was so excited that she forgot to introduce them to each other.

"Hello, I'm James."

"Hello." Anne greeted and reached out to shake hands with James.

Anne couldn't believe it at all. The well-dressed man standing beside her was exactly the CEO of the famous RF Group.

"How did you get to know each other?" Anne pulled Gail away and asked her.

"I don't know. That's how I get to know him." Gail didn't know how to answer.

"Gai, I envy you so much. You have a handsome guy with you every day. If he could be with me for one day, I would rather die,"

"Anne, when did you also become like this?" Gail rolled her eyes at Anne.

"Because I met a handsome guy and he is rich." Anne giggled.

"You…" Gail patted Anne's head.

Feeling bored, James went to the first floor alone and ordered a cup of coffee. Then he sat in a quiet corner. Looking out of the window, the sun went down. The slightly red clouds in the mountain stopped rolling, as if the whole world was about to turn dark.

"James, what are you thinking?" Gail walked down the stairs.

"Have you finished talking? Where is your friend?"

"She is busy. I guess she will come here later."

"Have a seat. What kind of coffee would you like?" James asked with concern.

"Whatever. I'll drink something like yours." Gail watched James drinking his favorite coffee.

"Sir, please give me another cup of cappuccino." James pointed at his coffee.

It was getting dark. Gail and James were drinking coffee on their own. Neither of them wanted to break the silence. Occasionally, when their eyes met, Gail escaped. Her face was so fiery that she couldn't bear James look at her in a second or half a second.

"What are you looking at? Why don't you enjoy your coffee?" Gail was embarrassed by James's stare.

"Are you shy?" James put his face close to Gail.

"Why would I be shy? I have a thick skin." Gail pinched her cheek.

"Really? Let me have a look." James intended to touch her face.

"What are you doing?" Gail moved away.

"I just want to see how shameless you are." Gail replied with a smile, "Get away."

"What did you say?"

No one dared to talk to James like that before, and Gail had never been insulted by others like this. However, everything had happened inadvertently. Feeling a little embarrassed, Gail glanced at James secretly. He didn't seem angry.

"Mr. James, I'm sorry. Just now I..."

"What happened? I feel a little dizzy." James changed the topic on purpose.

"Nothing happened. Maybe the coffee made you a little drunk." Gail chuckled.

It was getting dark. Besides the neon lights and the cars passing by, several pedestrians were also ready to go home. Gail and James didn't mention leaving. Maybe it was a happy thing to look at each other.

When Gail's father passed away and her mother abandoned her, love and care were like the stars in the sky for her, which were beautiful but couldn't be caught.

And James's fate was surprisingly similar to that of Gail. After his mother and father divorced, he had never seen his mother. Although his father asked him to take over the CEO position of the RF Group, he never felt the love from his father.

Perhaps it was because of the similar fate that the two people who were suffering from the same sufferings could be together.

James picked up the coffee mug and took a sip.

Staring at the wrinkled man, Gail wanted to say something, but didn't know where to begin.

At this time, Island Coffee Shop was full of melancholy. The quiet Japanese song "The Street Where Wind Settles" made this big coffee shop even more desolate.

"James, what are you thinking about?" Gail asked in a soft voice.

"Nothing. I was just wondering what would happen when I come back home." Said James, lowering his head.

"James, we've known each other for a long time, but you haven't talked about your family with me. You must feel happy staying at home." Gail propped her hands against her chin, staring at James.

"Humph!" James said with a cold smile.

Gail didn't know what the meaning of this answer is. Did he agree with her? Or he had no alternative.

"Gai, do you think you can be happy as long as you have money?" James fixed his eyes on her.

"No, I don't. But I think you have a happy family, unlike me." Gail said in a sad voice.

"Why do you think so?" Asked James anxiously.

"I just think so." Gail played with her fingers.

"Gai, you will never understand that a person who has lost the love from his or her parents is very eager for others' care. My mother and my father got divorced when I was seven years old. During the past twenty years, I have never heard about my mother. My father has been indifferent to me. Although he handed over the company to me, all this is because he is not able to run it anymore." With grief over his face, James lowered his head and pressed his lips.

Watching James get more and more sad, Gail didn't know what to do. She held his hand involuntarily.

"James, I'm sorry that I let you recall sad things." Gail felt so embarrassed.

"It's okay. There is always something that should be shared with someone. And I should thank you for letting you hear these unhappy things." James tried to compose himself.

"James, I've told you that I'm willing to listen to all your joys and sorrows. I'm also willing to share them with you." All of a sudden, Gail gathered her courage and blurted out these words.

James couldn't take his eyes off Gail.

"Gai, you are the first one that is willing to talk to me in person for all these years. Thank you." James said excitedly.

"James, I will be your best friend as long as you want." Gail stared at James and said.

"Gai, you look so optimistic every day. Is it because your

families love you very much?"

"Yes, my families really cares about me. My grandpa has been taking care of me since I was a child. My father passed away because of illness when I was young. My mother had been unable to bear the burden of life, so she married someone else when I was fourteen. Since then, I have been like you. My mother appears just in my dream." Gail chocked with sobs.

"But my grandfather really cares about me. He didn't abandon me. Instead, he raised me up without regret for so many years. He worked hard on construction sites to earn my tuition and living expense every year. Last year, my uncle almost gave the house in the countryside to pay for his gambling debts. I had no choice but to do part-time job to support myself. In my life, the one who I want to pay back the most is not my parents, but my grandfather." Gail told her life experience to James without hesitation.

"Gai, although we are from different families, we share the same situation." James held her hand, showing sympathy for her experience.

It was getting darker. Suddenly, a gust of cold wind blew from the window, which made Gail shiver.

As he was speaking, James casually put the coat on Gail's shoulder, which made her feel warm.

"James, if a girl confesses her love to you, will you accept it?" Gail tried to sound natural.

"Of course not." James replied firmly.

"Uh..." Disappointment was written all over Gail's face.

"But it depends on who she is. If she is the girl I like, I will accept her without hesitation." James continued.

"What kind of girl do you like?" Asked Gail expectantly.

"Well, it's hard to say. For example, I don't like you at all." Gail managed to speak in a low voice.

"Of course you won't. Who will love an ignorant girl from the countryside?" Gail said with disappointment.

In fact, Gail had thought that couples should come from families of equal status was not just an excuse. It did exist in reality. How could two people with different background get together? How could two people with totally different life circles get together?

"What are you thinking?" James asked in confusion.

"Nothing. I was just thinking at will." Gail replied, pretending to be happy.

Suddenly, a girl and a boy in gorgeous clothes entered the coffee shop. The boy was tainted with the smell of alcohol, and his body firmly pressed on the girl. The girl looked a little angry, but she could not lose her temper.

"Sir, two cups of cappuccino." The girl shouted.

Gail wondered why all the people she met today liked drinking cappuccino.

The girl threw the boy on the chair opposite to her casually. The girl cast a glimpse at Gail and looked at her own dirty and messy clothes. Then, the girl took out a tissue and wiped the stains off her body. Obviously, it was caused by the vomit of the boy just now.

With his back to the girl, James didn't notice the boy and the girl coming in.

"James." The girl suddenly stood up and shouted at Gail and James.

James turned around slowly. He was a little surprised, but he didn't show it.

"Are you calling me?" James asked coldly.

"James, where have you been these years?" The girl cried and roared.

"I think you've got the wrong person, haven't you?" James cast an indifferent glance at the girl.

"Gai, let's go." Suddenly, James flung his arm around Gail's shoulder.

"James!" Gail tried hard to take James's hands off her shoulders.

"How about we have another cup of coffee? I'm a little cold." Said James, looking at the girl sitting opposite him.

"What do you mean?" Gail clearly felt the change in James's facial expression.

"I just want to have a cup of coffee. Or you can go first. Don't worry about me. I will go home after I finish the coffee." James didn't look into Gail's eyes anymore.

"Okay, I'll go with you." Gail wanted to know what had happened.

"Sir, two cups of cappuccino." James shouted.

The girl took off the scarf from her neck and sat down slowly. She fixed her eyes on James and Gail.

Although Gail didn't know who the girl was, she could feel that the girl had a special relationship with James. Gail found that the girl had a special feeling towards James in her eyes.

James returned to his seat as if nothing had happened. But now he felt bad in his heart.

James recalled two years ago, when he first met Julie Lu, he was deeply attracted by her gentleness and peace. At that time, James was madly in love with Julie Lu. Every day after work, he would rush to her workplace and send her home. But Julie Lu didn't give him any promise.

Until one day, James saw a man hugging her tightly. He could hardly believe his eyes that the person he loved deeply was hugging another man.

Since then, James deleted all her contact information. He hated Julie Lu for so many years. He hated her betrayal. Although James had heard from others that she found a boyfriend, he had never seen her again in this city.

God always make fun of people. When James was about to forget her completely, Julie Lu came to his sight again.

"Gai, have some hot coffee." James put a spoonful of hot coffee in front of Gail's mouth.

Scared by his sudden move, Gail had no idea whether she should take the coffee or not.

"Drink it. Are you afraid that I poisoned you?" James said in a flattering tone.

As Gail looked at James's seductive eyes, she suddenly realized that he had shown it to Julie Lu. Gail wanted to turn him down, but she didn't want to embarrass him.

"Thank you, James." Gail took the coffee and drank it up. Her heart was filled with bitterness.

James stood up and sat beside Gail. He touched her hair and then put a spoon of coffee in front of her mouth again.

All of a sudden, James's lips pressed on her lips. Before Gail could make any response, James pressed her face with his hands. Gail tried to push James over her, but she was too weak to push him away.

Tears slowly rolled down from her eyes. Gail had never thought that James would do this to her. She was so helpless. Gail was disillusioned. It was not because James kissed her, but because he didn't know how to respect her.

Tears streamed down the corners of James's mouth. He suddenly realized that he had gone too far. He loosened his lips on Gail and looked at her pale and helpless face.

"Gai, I..." James apologized hurriedly.

"Mr. James, thank you for buying me a cup of coffee today. It's late. I should go home now." Gail couldn't hold back her tears anymore.

"Gai, I'm sorry. I got dizzy...." James apologized. James didn't know how to comfort Gail.

"Stop. I'm going back." Gail couldn't help but shout.

Sitting opposite to them, Julie Lu had a clear view of what had happened just now, but she didn't see that James was putting on a play for her. Julie Lu couldn't bear to see the man she once loved keep a relationship with another woman in front of her. How much she loved him! But why did he leave without a word? What had she done to betray him? Julie Lu didn't understand. She had no idea why James treated her like that.

Tears welled up in her eyes and Julie Lu couldn't bear to stay there any longer. She finally realized that she shouldn't have existed in this city.

She loved James before, but she loved her boyfriend now. James wanted to leave the coffee shop rapidly.

Gail put on her coat and left the coffee shop without looking back. James followed Gail closely, but she didn't let him drive her back to her dormitory.

Indeed, James had made a huge mistake tonight.

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