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   Chapter 17 A Date

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6711

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It seemed that the life in NF City on Sunday had been less busy than usual, and the pedestrians were walking leisurely, as if only on weekends could the world be calm and comfortable. The sunshine did not seem to deliberately chase after the busy office workers at work. Looking along the MT Alley, the vendors were talking with each other. Some people talked about their children's school life, and someone even said that the cat raised by his families was sick.

Nothing special happened this weekend for Gail. When she got up in the morning, she ran a few circles on the track of the business academy. Then she went back to the dormitory, opened the computer and prepared to finish the work left.

In fact, Gail spent every weekend in boredom. She used to stay with her roommates, but now she was alone in her dormitory. Iris and Sherry were busy finding a job, and Mary was busy with her postgraduate entrance exam. This weekend, they were all busy in their own businesses. This made Gail a little disappointed. Who would have thought that the college life would be so far away from her? Gail always felt that she was still a child, but who could save her wasted time?

Just as Gail was pondering hard on what to do, the phone rang. James gave her a call.

"Why does he call me at this time?" Gail hesitated and picked up the phone.

"What's up, James?"

Gail called out his name naturally. In fact, Gail was also a little hesitant, but she really hoped that she could become his friend. The idea of being his friend was getting stronger and stronger these days, and she even felt that she thought too much.

"Gai, what are you doing?" James tried his best to stay calm.

"I'm free now. My roommates have gone out, leaving me alone in the room. I'm going to look into some documents about the meetings held next week."

"Wow, when did you become so diligent?" James said with a smile.

"What? I'm always very diligent." Gail argued.

"Okay. I wronged you. Is that okay?"

"It sounds okay. I hope that you don't thought that you change your words under the pressure from me." On the other side of the phone, Gail was laughing hysterically.

"When did you become so eloquent? You seem to have learned a lot in the company." James pretended to be serious.

Since James met with Gail, he had become much more optimistic unconsciously. He had changed completely, talked a lot, and become much more docile. Once upon a time, all the people in the company thought that James was just a paranoid workaholic. No one had thought that he would be changed so much by such a delicate and ordinary girl, Gail.

"Gai, how about we go out together this afternoon? We have nothing to do anyway." James clenched his fists and said.

"Ah, I..." Gail didn't know how to answer.

"If you have something to deal with, just go ahead. I don't want to make things difficult for you." James said, pretending to be calm.

"I have nothing to do." Gail explained anxiously.

"So you agreed to go out with me?" James asked in confusion.

"Well. Can you give me some benefits if I agree? " Gail deliberately made things difficult for James.

"The benefits are…" James faltered.

"All right, I won't make things difficult for you, or I won't be able to survive in the company."

"That's right. You know it." James laugh

ed out.

"I know you will do this to me. Tell me when you will go out in the afternoon and where you go. Otherwise I can't find you. " Gail asked.

"OK. Boss, Shall we meet at the foot of Golden Pagoda Temple? We will meet at four o'clock. Boss, how do you think?" Hearing James call her "boss", Gail couldn't help but burst into laughter.

"Okay, that's it."

"Waiting is endless." These words fit Gail and James today. The whole afternoon, Gail does not want to do anything. All she was thinking about was how she would meet James. She was not only afraid of meeting him, but also eager to see him as soon as possible. Gail didn't know why she was so obsessed with him. Maybe she liked his handsome appearance, or maybe she was just infatuated with his talent. It was not necessary for her to think about those unnecessary reasons since she loved him.

At this moment, James was pacing back and forth in the room, holding his trembling hands. His entire mind seemed to be muddleheaded because of his nervousness just now. He didn't want to believe it was true, but it did really exist. Perhaps happiness could be possessed so easily.

When it was three o'clock in the afternoon, Gail arrived at Golden Pagoda Temple earlier that the agreed time. But she was surprised because James also arrived here.

"Why did you come here so early? Didn't you say that we would meet at four o'clock?" Gail asked in surprise.

"You did come here in advance. Then why did you come here early?" James didn't answer her question directly.

"Me? I'm so bored in the dormitory that I want to go out to breathe some fresh air." Gail explained.

"I got nothing to do but go out to breathe, just like you." Since James didn't know how to respond, he just answered the question like Gail.

"Why do you follow me?" Gail said, pretending to be angry.

"How do you know that I learned from you? Do you think everyone can be as confident as you?" James didn't budge.

"Mr. James, since you're not sincere, I'm just asking for a snub. You can enjoy your time alone. I'm going back to my dormitory to play with my friends." Turning around, Gail pretended to leave.

"Okay. You are my boss from now on. I dare not compete with you for anything." Knowing that Gail was making a joke, James had no reason to get angry.

"That's right. What's our next move?" Gail asked with a smile.

"Boss, I'll take you to drink a cup of coffee later. How do you think?" James echoed.

"Let me think, okay? Drinking coffee is a good idea. I'll listen to you." Gail rubbed her forehead and pretended to be thinking.

James looked at the adorable girl next to him, and realized that he had fallen in love with her. This was a strong sign of love, which came from the depths of his soul. Although he had met other girls before, the so-called love was just a kind of moving emotion at that time. Therefore, every relationship ended quickly.

He didn't want to keep silent anymore. In this world, the only girl who could win his heart now may be Gail. Thinking of this, James glanced at Gail. She wasn't as formal as she had been at work today. Her white dress made her black hair more attractive.

"If you give time a definition, it's the best interpretation of time now." James wished that he could be immersed in the loving journey of his life.

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