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   Chapter 16 On The Way

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The wind on the Bank of the river was blowing. James and Gail didn't say a word. They just enjoyed the moment of comfort and the wind brought to them comfort. For many years, they had not experienced such a boundless experience of the cool breeze at dusk.

At the same time, both of them had their own thoughts. How they wished they could tell each other all the past at this moment, but it was the first time they had been out. How could they bear to break this beautiful moment like this. Neither of them wanted to add sadness to each other because of their bad past. No, they couldn't.

"Gail, don't call me Mr. James after work. Just call me James," James said seriously.

"I can 't do that. Anyway, you are my boss. I can't violate the articles."

"It doesn't matter. We are of the same age. I have gained my current status just because my father is rich. But you don't know how lonely I am. I don't have a friend. Everyone sees me as if I am a demon. No matter where I am, others always greet him with a smile. I have been used to these hypocritical faces, but I don't like them. You will never understand how helpless a man who loses his freedom is. " James said directly what he thought, what he hadn't said in years.

"Mr. James, if you don't mind, you can treat me as your friend and I'm willing to help you out." Gail said firmly.

"What? Do you want to be my perfect partner?" James said with a wicked smile.

Their hearts were so imperceptibly closer together.

"Can I call you Gai from now on? I know your friends call you this way. Now that we are friends, I should call you as they do."

"How do you know that my friends all call me Gai?" Gail asked curiously.

"When I called you last time, I heard the girl next to you calling you Gai. And your classmate Hoyle in London Hoyle calls you Gai, too. "

"Okay," Gail suddenly understood.

There was another moment of silence. The last wisp of sunshine was also hiding behind the mountains unconsciously. In the night, the NF City looked extraordinarily tempting. However, before tonight, James and Gail did not feel like that. They even wanted to escape from this city. But who would believe that such both of them loved this city together. Looking at the colorful neon lights and the cars on the street like running water, they were extremely happy. They were glad that there was someone in the world who could accompany each other.

Suddenly, an unknown poem came into Gail's mind

When our world grew old

Would we still stand at the corner of the street listening to the noise when it is quiet

Would you still smile in the cold wind

Laughing at the clumsy moves of those old men

Laughing at the unknown jokes

We bore no ill will

It only proved that there was no evil in the world as he thought

When our world grew old

We would never jump from the slate again

But we had to be shoulder to shoulder

Maybe you would blame me for my slow steps


I didn't want to hear your complaints any more

I only remembered an electric wire pole that was left behind when I was young

"Let's go to the p

ark to watch the old lady dance." Gail suddenly said.

"Ah! It's nothing to watch. Do you want to join them? " James said with a smile.

"What? I know there is a park ahead. There is a very funny old lady who dances there every day. her dancing is very good!" Gail blinked mischievously.

"Really?" James asked in disbelief.

"Why should I lie to you? Just go, or else the old lady will go home." Gail tugged at James' sleeve.

Staring at Gail's snow-white cheeks caused by the street lights, James wished he could give her a hug.

"Since you are so persistent, I'll fulfill your wish today. Let's go." All of a sudden, James felt the world was full of love.

The clearing river in the night was quiet, but the park was as lively as the day. The old ladies dancing in the square gave people a kind of lively look. James and Gail were snuggling together tightly, although the night in NF City was not as cold as they imagined, they seemed to like leaning together quietly, the night which gave them an unprecedented warm.

James stole a glance at Gail standing next to him. Gail had a mysterious smile on her round face. James didn't know if it was a smile of joy, or it was because the dancing old ladies. Anyway, there was no one in the world as beautiful as Gail tonight in James's eyes.

"James, look at that old lady!" Gail unconsciously called out the name "James". Perhaps Gail had called in her heart many times.

"What did you just call me? Say it again!" James purposely made things difficult for Gail.

"What? I didn't say anything. You misheard me." Gail blushed.

If there was no love in the world, then tonight was no doubt that James and Gail would get married. Tonight, they only saw each other. As for others, other things, they all happened by accident, no one knew. They could feel the temperature of each other, they could feel the breath of each other very clearly, and they could feel the strong and trembling hearts of each other because of nervousness.

"Gai, let's go back. It's getting late." James spoke the word Gai on purpose.

"James, I don't want to go back!" Gail said unwillingly.

"What? It's such a cold night. Do you want to be the arctic bear?" James teased.

"l haven't been out like this for a long time. James, thank you." Gail nodded her head firmly.

"If you have time, I can show you around somewhere else."

"Really? Don't lie to me. I'm serious. " Gail said with a goofy smile.

"Don't worry. I won't lie to children," said James, James stroking Gail's long hair.

"What? I'm not a child. I'm an adult, okay?" Gail lengthened the word "adult" on purpose.

"Really? I didn't see that. Have you become the most beautiful woman in NF City?" James could read Gail's mind.

"You..." Gail pretended to be silent since she didn't know what else to say.

" There won't be another night like this, right?" Gail was afraid that tonight's sweet moment would be gone.

Maybe time would change everything, maybe they both were in love with each other. If time stayed at this moment, Gail would rather everything would be like this night.

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