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   Chapter 15 Twists and Turns

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6827

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Lisa was responsible for all the work of company these days. Although there was nothing important for her to deal with, but the little things never stop. Lisa always harbors resentment when faced with complicated things. Lisa wondered why she had to finish all the work on her own. It was a big company, wasn't there anyone to share the work for her. The more Lisa thought about it, the angrier she became. Fortunately, Lisa decided not to work first and went out to have fun at night.

The next day, James came to the office early. Looking at the piles of papers on his desk, James knew he had a lot of work to do again. The reason why James liked to deal with things alone was not that he didn't trust the employees, but only when James was busy, he could forget some painful memories. It was not easy to forget these painful memories, and perhaps it would be the scar in his heart for the rest of his life.

When James was going through the papers he had left several days ago, he heard the sound of shouting from the opposite office. James realized that Lisa was teaching her subordinate again. James didn't want to deal with such pointless trouble. Lisa always liked to pick on her subordinates. All the time, James had turned a blind eye to her. After all, she was a relative of Mr. Eason.

"Did you do it on purpose, you're not happy that I asked you to do such a little thing?" Lisa shouted loudly, as if she was afraid that no one could hear it. Over the years, James knew that Lisa did a good job, but her biggest shortcoming was that she liked to put on airs and complain.

"Lisa, I didn't mean to." A girl said in a low voice.

"Are you blind? Can't you see such a person in the seat ?" Lisa continued to shout.

"Lisa, please respect your employee. If I did it on purpose, is it necessary for me to apologize to you?" The girl said angrily.

"Hi, Gail. You have been working in the company for a few days. Did you think you have the power. Don't think you are somebody just because of a few English words of a business trip."

Upon hearing the name of "Gail", James put his work aside at once and listened carefully to the conversation between the two girls. She then explained, "manager Liu, I don't think I'm great. You just think highly of me."

"Gail, don't pretend to be lofty. Last year you were..." The more Lisa said, the angrier she became. She didn't expect that she would mention the thing that Melissa told her.

On the mid-autumn day last year, Gail was about to go home from the coffee shop. When Gail walked out of the coffee shop, she was stopped by a few brawny men. Gail thought that they were just drinking too much and going crazy. However, they stopped her in the street corner and began speaking dirty words. Meanwhile, they held her arms tightly. Gail was so scared that she screamed for help. Fortunately, there were two policemen passing by and the drunken men left.

It scared Gail a lot when it occurred to her. Gail couldn't imagine what her life would be without those two policemen?

Looking at Lisa, who looked nervous as Lisa had spilled the beans, Gail didn't want to argue with Lisa any more, but Gail couldn't understand how Lisa knew about it. Gail hadn't mentioned it to anyone except her and Iris. It had been one year since it happened, but why did Lisa mention it all of a sudden.

"All right, all right. You may leave now."

Lisa wanted to end the conversation at once when she saw that Gail no longer defended herself.

Since James had no idea what had happened last year, James decided to get to the bottom of it.

"Gail, come in please." James looked at the depressed Gail.

"What's up, Mr. James?" Tears welled up in Gail's eyes.

"What did Lisa say just now?"

"Oh, Lisa asked me to make a cup of coffee for her. I spilled the coffee on her by accident when I came in."

"I'm not asking about this. I'm asking about what Lisa said about last year." James asked anxiously.

"Mr. James, it's my privacy. You don't have to know it." Hearing James' question, Gail was sad. 'does everyone want to laugh at me?' Gail wondered.

"Gail!" James yelled, "since you are a member of the company, I have the right to know everything about you, including your private affairs."

Gail had never seen James lose his temper like this before. In her impression, even though James was dull and boring, it was the first time James had been so furious. Gail didn't know why James was so serious.

Seeing the confusing expression on James's face, Gail had no choice but to tell him what had happened last year. Gail had no idea what James was thinking at the moment. Sometimes James knitted his eyebrows, and sometimes James bit his lips. " James wanted to help Gail, or James really thought Gail was just a beautiful, simple-minded woman that Lisa and Melissa had told him. "

Never mind. Gail didn't want to think about these disturbing things. Gail just wanted to live a peaceful life in this world. Gail didn't care about other things, not what others thought of her. 'even if James really thinks I'm as useless as those people, I can't stop him. From tomorrow on, I'll leave the company which doesn't belong to me, ' Gail mused.

"From today on, wait for me after work every day, and I'll drive you home." James said calmly.

"What?" Gail was surprised and didn't know what to say.

"OK? I'll drive you home, did I embarrass you?" James asked, deliberately serious.

"No, No. It's just..." Gail didn't know what to say.

"But what? Are you afraid that I will take advantage of you?" Said James slyly.

"Mr. James, I'm afraid that people will gossip if you send me back. It's not good for your reputation."

"I'm not worried. What are you worried about? That's it." James said coldly.


"What? Security guards?" James raised his voice deliberately.

Hearing James call the security guards, Gail rushed out of his office.

To her surprise, Gail didn't expect that James would insist on sending her home. For all these years, only her grandpa picked her up day and night when she went to primary school, no one had cared about her so much. Gail didn't know what to do when someone suddenly put forward such a request. Gail had been used to going to work and getting off work by herself, but when Gail heard that James wanted to drive her home, she was thrilled, because Gail had never been like this before.

There were also boys who had made such a request before, but Gail relentlessly refused them. But today Gail didn't refuse James, and Gail really hoped that James could do what he said.

Gail blushed with shame, 'Is she in love with this dull and boring status boy, Gail's identity is quite different from his?' Gail didn't want to think about it, and she didn't dare to.

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