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   Chapter 14 Stroll Around

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6733

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The meeting went on smoothly. The meeting ended earlier than expected at twelve o'clock at noon, so the afternoon meeting ended ahead of schedule. Since it was already a rare chance for them, James advised them to go out together in the afternoon. No one was willing to go back to the hotel. So they all decided to have some fun in the afternoon.

"Mr. James, this is not your style. You are famous for staying at home in NF City. Why are you so interested in taking us out today?" Mr. Eason said in a teasing tone.

"The weather is so good today, and the meeting is so smooth. If I don't take you out, you will think I am too narrow-minded."

"Mr. James, there were several times when the weather was good. Why didn't you take us out? Do you want to take someone with you?" Mr. Eason asked with a frown to Gail, "Oh, Gail!"

Gail's face was as red as a tomato. She didn't understand why Mr. Eason gave her such a funny look. It was none of her business if Mr. James wanted to go out.

"Gail, Mr. James will belong to you this afternoon. You have to watch him carefully, and don't let any beautiful girl take him away." Mr. Eason still did not let them go.

In fact, Mr. Eason had already seen through what was on James's mind. Eason played with James since he was still a child. Later, James was promoted as the CEO of the RF Group and Eason was also his most capable assistant, so James's careful thought couldn't escape Eason's eyes. At the interview, he noticed that James came here with a purpose. Maybe Mr. James really fell in love with someone.

"Mr. Eason, if you continue to say this, I will deprive you of your position and leave you no chance to make a comeback in your life." Noticing that Mr. Eason was getting more and more presumptuous, James hurried to stop him.

"Okay I respect you most, Mr. James. I'm afraid of you now."

Looking at Mr. Eason, who is pretending to be pitiful, everyone else can't help laughing.

"All right, let's go." James suggested.

Following the Thames, they went to the British Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and London Eye. Of course, what they were most yearning for was the Thames in England. Slowly, the river ran into the city of London, bringing a special romantic atmosphere to this city. The pedestrians on the street were very enthusiastic and hospitable. Every time they met them, they would take the initiative to greet them.

On their way back to the hotel, James advised them to have dinner together.

"Mr. James, are you sick today? Or you should change your evil character today." Mr. Eason said on purpose.

"Mr. Eason, are you deliberately making trouble today? I don't have any enmity with you, do I?"

"Mr. James, it's boring to say so. No wonder you are still single for so many years. You deserve it."

"Okay. I won't argue with you anymore. Have a good time."

"Haha, you're smart. You still have to call me uncle, haha..."

James laughed in silence. Though Mr. Eason was more than 50 years old this year, he still kept his charm. Many girls would like to fall in love with him when he was young. Despite of his handsome appearance, he was very loyal to his wife. Everyone in the working circle knew that Eason was afraid of his wife, so James respected Eason very much. Every time when James got into trouble, he would tell Eason because he was his best

friend and the best teacher.

It was already over seven o'clock in the evening after the dinner, but they still looked very energetic. They had never felt so happy before. When they were on a business trip in the past, they didn't have any activities, let alone going out for fun. With James's authority, they always thought carefully before they decided to do something. But they didn't expect that the depressed Mr. James would become a totally different person today. Now he was talking happily and even laughing, which made people feel closer to him all of a sudden.

"Gail, let me take you to your room," James tried hard to suppress his fast beating heart.

"Look, what did I say? I know he must have made a plan, or he wouldn't have been so generous to take us out today." Mr. Eason insisted.

"Mr. Eason, don't make fun of Mr. James," said Gail sheepishly, "Mr. James, you've been tired for a day. Please don't send me back. I can do it myself."

Although their room was in the same hotel, her room was several floors away from his. James had planned to arrange Gail's room next to his so that he could take care of her. It was her first time on a business trip and also her first time to go abroad. He was afraid that others might gossip about her, so he had said nothing.

"Mr. James, she refused. Can you drive her home?"

"Mr. Eason, I didn't mean that. Mr. James has been busy all day. He needs rest."

"Ouch! Are you two teaming up to bully me?"

"Just shut up," said James, "I'll drive you there. Gail, you're not safe alone."

Knowing that she couldn't change his mind, Gail didn't insist anymore.

"Go to bed early. We have to go back to the company tomorrow."

"Okay, Mr. James. Have a good rest." Other people then left.

They walked across the living room, passed the hallway one after another, and at the end of the hallway stood Gail's room. On the way, James didn't say a word. He strode ahead of Gail. Gail wanted to ask him something about today's meeting, but the latter didn't say a word, which embarrassed her.

This was the first time James came to London to visit Gail's room. He thought that the room arranged for her was about as similar as other people's, but what he saw surprised him. The walls were mottled, and the old bathtub and the creaking chair were placed on the room.

"Who arranged this room for you?" shouted James angrily.

"What's wrong, Mr. James?"

"They've arranged such a shabby house for you. How can you live in it?"

"It's okay, Mr. James. They said that several rooms were left in the hotel, so..."

"Mr. James, this is my choice. It has nothing to do with others. After all, I'm used to living in this room. I do not have so good a place to live in before." Gail said with a smile.

Seeing such a happy Gail, James felt a little sad. He wanted to give her a hug, but on what reason? He knew that he gradually fell in love with this innocent and cheerful girl. But he was afraid that he couldn't give her a good future, or that Gail doesn't like him at all. He didn't want things to go on the bad way, so he had to restrain himself. Then, he became calm and confident.

"Nice to see you here, Gail," As soon as he finished his words, James turned around and walked away in a hurry. Bewildered and confused, Gail watched his receding figure from behind.

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