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   Chapter 13 An Encounter

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6511

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Not knowing why James got angry, Gail stood beside him and felt very embarrassed. So Mr. Eason didn't dare to breathe heavily. Although Eason was James' confidant, no one could speak loudly to him when James was not happy. Gail finally broke the silence.

"Mr. James, what's wrong with you? Are you tired?"

"They agreed to pick us up at 9 o'clock, but it's already 9:15 p.m. and there is still no news. I don't know what these people are doing," James said coldly.

Oh, it was because of this, that all the people here understood. Mr. Eason picked up the phone in a hurry.

"Mr. James, the driver said there was a car accident on the road and he couldn't come over for a while. It will take about two or three hours to come here, so he asked us to take a cab to the hotel first."

"What? If they don't want to cooperate with us, they should inform us in advance. They are always stalling. They have no sense of time." James finally lost his temper.

Seeing the angry expression on James's face, Gail, next to him, chuckled. She had never expected that Mr. James could be so handsome when he was angry. James cast a stare at the giggling girl, Gail stopped smiling quickly.

All of a sudden, a white car slowly stopped. A young man stepped out.

"Hi, Gail..."

"Hoyle He...... Why are you here? "Asked Gail in a loud voice.

"You told me you would come to London a few days ago and I came here to pick you up. You don't know I can't wait to see you," Hoyle He intentionally raised his slender eyes.

"Oh, this is Mr. James," said Gail, looking at the displeased expression on James's face.

"Mr. James, this is my classmate, Hoyle He."

"Hi, I've heard a lot about you from Gail. You have a well-deserved reputation." said James.

"I'm flattered, Mr. James." said Hoyle He

Gail was wondering. 'when did I mention Hoyle He to James?

"Gail, it's getting late. Let's go back to the hotel first. You could make an appointment some other time. Could Hoyle He call a taxi for us?"

"No one would pick you up? You can take my car. Where are you going? Let me send you a ride." Hoyle He proposed, "I don't want to bother you. Let's find a taxi by ourselves," said Gail, but James interrupting her.

"It's okay. Come on." Hoyle He began to grab the bag in Gail's hand.

Gail did not want to have too much contact with him. When Gail was in the second year of University, she met Hoyle He at a party. Hoyle He was a freshman at that time. As Hoyle He's senior, Gail also wanted to help him with some difficulties, but Hoyle He fell in love with her. Since then, Hoyle He had brought Gail food every day and even went to class with her which made Gail very angry. Later, Gail told Hoyle He clearly that she only treated him as a younger brother and did not have the idea of falling in love with him. That's why Hoyle He gave up the idea. They contacted each other occasionally.

Gail didn't tell Hoyle He that she came to London this time, but she didn't know where Hoyle He got the news.

"Since Hoyle He has such a good relationship with Gail, we don't have to mind it. Let Hoyle He drive us to the hotel." looking at the embarrassed Gail next to him, James reluctantly agreed.

It was not far. Ten

minutes later, they reached the destination.

"Gail, would you like to go out with me? I can show you around and enjoy the beautiful night view of London. By the way, you can also buy me a meal that you owe me last time," said Hoyle He with a smile.

Gail took a look at James, whose eyebrows were tightly knitted. James looked like he was angry, but When James found Gail looking at him, he couldn't help smiling.

"Well, maybe another time. I am tired after a long flight. I want to have a good sleep, otherwise I'll be sleeping at the meeting tomorrow." sail Gail.

"Well, I won't force you. You can go to bed early. Call me when you have time after the meeting. I will come to see you." said Hoyle He. As Gail insisted, Hoyle He no longer forced her.

"Then I'll go first. Call me when you have time." said Hoyle He.

"Yes, I will come to see you when I have time."

James didn't know why he was so happy. Is the reason that Gail refused Hoyle He's date? Or did James feel happy for dating failure? '? James didn't know how he felt about Gail. Gail was a country girl. If he wanted a girl, any one of them would be a hundred times better than Gail. However, James didn't want her to leave him.

Thinking of this, James shook his head. How could love appear in his own world? How could a man as cold-blooded as him really have love?

Early the next morning, a special bus was sent by the London company, and they kept apologizing for what happened last night.

"Gail, tell them to set off now. Don't delay the meeting."

"Come out, don't delay the meeting process," Gail said in fluent English.

When James stared at Gail speaking English, James did not think of Gail speaking English so pure. When James was on a business trip before, he couldn't speak English, when he doesn't understand, James just gestured his meaning, and others didn't say anything anymore. Although James's former secretaries were all capable, but speaking English so well, Gail was the first one he has ever seen.

"Mr. James, thank you for coming to London in your busy time, which is enough to see that you pay more attention to our cooperation." a Britain man with a beard started his speech slowly. "It's our honor to cooperate with you over the years. Our company's capital circulation began to circulate normally last year, which is in an indelible relationship with your company. It's the right decision we made to cooperate with you. "

"Mr. Brian, not at all. In the past two years, the world's economy is generally depressed. If you don't cooperate with us in time, the RF Group will not succeed in getting through the difficulty. As the saying goes, cooperation is mutually voluntary and equal profit. Your company has been sticking to the principle of being modest and fair, which is the main reason why I choose to cooperate with you. I hope that both of us can support each other in the future, and help each other. We want a win-win result. "

The meeting had been going on for two hours unconsciously. When they went out of the room, Brian invited everyone with great enthusiasm and insisted on inviting them to appreciate the beautiful scenery of London another day.

"Thank you, Mr. Brian. I'll go when I'm free."

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