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   Chapter 12 Foreign Country

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6200

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After the meeting in the afternoon, James called Gail to his office.

"How are you feeling today?"

"Well...... There are still some records that are not completed in time. "

"Let me check your meeting record."

When James looked at the meeting record made by Gail, James was shocked and didn't know how to comment. A new comer in the workplace couldn't reach such a high level in the workplace. James turned to look at the girl who just graduated from university. Gail looked weak, but in fact, she was strong inside. Gail's bright eyes convey her firm faith..

Surprised as James was, He still kept his style and replied coldly, "nice."

Gail clearly saw a strange look in his eyes. But why did he look so indifferent?

"You don't have to work tomorrow."

"Mr. James, what did I do wrong?"

"Yes..." James said in a drawl on purpose.

Gail didn't know what went wrong!

"We are going on a business trip the day after tomorrow. Have a good rest tomorrow and make some preparation." James tried his best to hold back his laughter.

All of a sudden, Gail realized that James was joking, but his joke was way out of line, which made she was depressed. But Gail was grateful to James. If it wasn't for him, Gail wouldn't have been out of the café; if it wasn't for him, Gail wouldn't have been able to enter the RF Group; if it wasn't for him, Gail wouldn't have showed her strong self.

After getting up in the morning, the sky was not completely bright. Looking along the QH Tidal Flats, the east sky was slightly white, and the soft morning breeze covered the summer irritability and sultry. Carrying her suitcase, Gail walked out of the dormitory quietly. Iris had planned to drive Gail to the airport this morning, but when Iris was sleeping, Gail didn't have the heart to wake her up from her dream.

Gail had never been so thrilled before. For a long time, Gail hoped she could see the world outside. Back then, the dream Gail dared to fulfill only in her dreams. But now, all she saw was real. Gail had some doubts. But her dream was coming true, Gail was in a very excited mood.

"Mr. James, I have arrived at the airport. How soon can you get to the airport?"

"Why did you get there so early? I told you to be at the airport at eight o'clock?"

"I came half an hour earlier because I was afraid of the traffic jam." Gail couldn't hide her excitement.

"Miss Gail, now that you are willing to enjoy the beautiful scenery alone at the airport, you can stay here a little longer," James blamed in a bit anger.

"Mr. James, I..." Gail was going to say that I was okay and she could look around by herself. However, the phone was hung up.

Soon later, a motorcycle passed by, from which a handsome young man with black cloak and white skin got off. He was Mr. James.

"Mr. James, why are you here...... Alone? "Asked Gail, her eyes wide open.

"They probably haven't woken up yet. I came here early. You stayed here all night. In case anything happens, the company has to take the unnecessary trouble. I don't want our company to suffer g

reat losses because of you."

"Mr. James, I'm sorry. I..."

"This is at night. Why did you come out alone? Didn't anyone see you off? Call me if you need anything. Don't come out alone." James said stubbornly.

"I'm sorry, Mr. James. Thanks for your concern."

At about 7:50, other attendants of the company arrived at the airport one after another. Seeing that James and Gail were waiting for them in the airport early, Eason Qiu, the company's director, was puzzled. "Mr. James, why did you come so early today? Did they do it for an early date? Haha... "

"Mr. Eason Qiu, don't talk nonsense. I just couldn't fall asleep, so I came here in advance. I didn't expect to meet Gail. She was afraid of traffic jam, so she came here early."

"Okay!" Eason Qiu raised her eyebrows and pretended to know nothing about it.

"Attention, passengers. Flight Boeing777 to London is about to take off"

After Gail went into the cabin, she was deeply attracted by what she saw. More than twenty years ago, she had only seen the appearance of an airplane on TV. She once suspected that the airline stewardesses were really as beautiful as it was shown on TV, but now it seemed that they were much more beautiful than in TV.

"What's wrong? You don't want to go there?"

"No, No. I just can't believe it's true." Gail giggled.

"Come on. Don't linger on the sidewalk. Our seats are together. If you need anything, just call me."

"Yeah, yeah..."

"Dear friends, the plane is about to take off. Please turn off your cell phone and fasten your seat belt." suddenly, Gail felt a little dizzy. Looking at James lying quietly next to her, she felt embarrassed to disturb him.

"What's wrong? Are you sick?"

"No, I just feel a little dizzy." She didn't understand why James knew everything.

"I guess you just feel a little dizzy. A glass of lemonade may be better for you."

"Take a rest. It will take more than ten hours to get to London." James said.

"Mr. James, go to sleep. I want to see it a little longer. I have never seen such beautiful clouds in the sky."

At the same time, James was also attracted by Gail's ruddy cheek. Although she was just like other girls, every time he saw her, he was always happy. This kind of happiness was plain but different from other girls. He had never had such feeling before. Maybe it was because she was simple, he didn't want to think about it anymore. James did not want to think about these things that puzzled him. He was sad when his parents divorced, he was afraid of exhausting himself with affection.

London was not as sultry as NF City. The moist air seemed to be filled with the freedom of the West. Gail stretched herself and stared at the bustling streets. Those renaissance architecture had attracted her.

"Mr. James, where are we going next?" Gail asked timidly as she followed behind James.

"Just follow me later. Don't ask so many questions."

Seeing the displeasure on James's face, Gail didn't say another word. She had no idea why he was so upset. Maybe it was because he just got off the plane.

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