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   Chapter 11 Cooperation

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7087

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It was another cloudy and melancholy day. The heavy clouds made people feel depressed. After going to work yesterday, Gail was looking forward to her new life, but somehow felt uneasy at the same time. If Gail had chosen to be a manager of a coffee shop, would she be arrogant too?

Gail would never be like this. Gail was always low-key and introverted, and she would never allow herself to treat other people like this. Perhaps in other people's eyes, this was called cowardliness and incompetence, but Gail never thought so. Gail never lacked courage in her soul. It was just that Gail did not show these to them. Gail knew that she needed a chance, and that opportunity was right in front of her. No matter what, Gail did not want to miss it, She must seize the opportunity.

Thinking of her future, Gail became confident.

"When you treat life with a smile, life will give you the light of your whole world!"

Picking up her courage again, Gail walked towards the company that had changed her whole life—— the RF Group. The obvious logo on the building proved that everything didn't go as dejected as she thought.

Walking into the CEO Office, Gail found that an unfamiliar face was staring at her, as if he was waiting for her.

"Mr., I didn't know you were here, so I came in directly..." Gail was flustered.

James did not say anything. He just silently stared at the girl in front of him. She was simple but different. James noticed that Gail wore a sexy skirt today. Her hair hung down naturally. The light red lipstick made her look mature and steady. If James didn't know that Gail was about to graduate, James would think that Gail was an intellectual woman who had worked hard for years in the company.

"Mr., is there anything I can do today?" Looking at the silent James, Gail felt more embarrassed.

"Read these documents first. The company is going to hold a meeting about the cooperation with the HY Group in the afternoon. You will make a meeting record by then." James picked up the papers on the desk and gave them to Gail.

" what's wrong, do you have any questions?"

"Well No, Mr.. "Gail was flustered. She wanted to ask him about the meeting log, but when she met James's stern eyes, she decided not to ask.

"If there's nothing else, you can go out now," said James, turning to the stunned girl.

"Okay!" Gail rushed out of the office.

Gail didn't know how to deal with so many documents, but from now on, she could only depend on herself.

She immediately turned on her phone and began to search for any information about the conference records. Gail then remembered that when she just went to the University, she had learned about the daily routine of office work in the literature class. But when she came to the strange place at that time, the study was not so important. Moreover, she had already gone to the University and did not pay much attention to the study. Therefore, she forgot many things. Until later, she realized that study was the most effective way to improve herself at any time.

"The factor of the conference record: meeting theme, content of the conference and participants..." Gail wanted to learn everything, she blamed herself why she didn't study hard at that time.

"Gail, come in."

Hearing her boss call her, Gail immediately put aside her work.

"What's the matter, boss?" Gail asked curiously.

"Have a look at the time. Why don't you go to lunch?" James blamed.

It was already one o'clock in the afternoon. As a matter o

f fact, the company took its lunch break at twelve o'clock. However, Gail was too busy searching for information to remember about the lunch.

"Oh, I'm going to..." Gail said shyly. Her red face made her fair face even more beautiful.

"If everyone in our company is as diligent as you, then the RF Group must be the top ten in the world!" James said half-jokingly. He was also shocked by what he said. He had never played jokes with others before.

Seeing a faint smile on James's face, Gail suddenly felt that he wasn't as annoying as she had imagined. Maybe he was a high-ranking man, so there were still some things that he couldn't decide by himself, or maybe even though his life was rich and powerful, she might be happier than he was. She even felt pity for him.

"Go to have lunch now. And bring me a packet of cigarettes by the way."


"What's wrong?"

"No, no, No." Gail said, waving her hand.

In fact, Gail had no idea that James was smoking. In her world, everyone who was handsome, famous and powerful shouldn't smoke.

The afternoon meeting was held as scheduled. Mr. William Liu from the HY Group came to the company with a large number of his employees.

"Hello, Mr. James. Long time no see. I hope you are in good health recently." William Liu hurriedly greeted him with a smile.

"Well, I'm fine, thank you for your concern, Mr. William Liu. How are you recently? I haven't seen you for half a year. You are getting fatter."

"Ha ha, our company's performance has been growing day by day and my mindset has also been getting better."

Everyone knew that. Over the past two years, William Liu and the HY Group had been growing stronger day by day. Although William Liu was cruel and merciless, he was resourceful. With his means, his position had taken root and sprout steadily in NF City. James hated this kind of person very much, but in order to develop the company, he had no choice but to cooperate with him.

"Who is this beautiful lady? Why haven't I seen her before? "Asked William Liu, looking at Gail behind James.

"Oh, this is my secretary, Gail."

"This is president William Liu of the HY Group," said James, as he turned around and introduced William Liu to Gail.

"Hello, Mr. William Liu."

"Mr. James, you have a good taste. You have such a beautiful secretary." William Liu laughed.

"You must be kidding, Mr. William Liu. In comparison with you, I'm too naive."

At the moment, James really wanted to slap the guy in the face.

"Please have a seat," said James. He didn't want to waste any time on the guy.

"Mr. James, we can see how strong the HY Group is in the past two years. Last year, we had invested a total of 1500000000 in our project. I know the RF Group is not as stable as others think. You will be able to regain the RF Group prosperity as long as you cooperate with us."

"I don't know where you have heard of this, Mr. William Liu. Although the development of the RF Group is slow in the past two years, it is not as weak as what you said. Although the development of the HY Group is fast, there is a financial collapse. Mr. William Liu, have you ever been afraid?"

"Mr. James, you are really young and promising. It's a great pleasure to cooperate with you."

"Mr. William Liu, you are making fun of me. I was just making irresponsible remarks,"

"Mr. James, it's my pleasure to make an agreement with you. I hope we will have a pleasant cooperation."

"Mr. William Liu, I wish we can cooperate happily."

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