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You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6595

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Engulfed in endless reading files and inner torment, Gail ended her first day in a blink of an eye.

She couldn't wait to have a good sleep on the comfortable bed before she reached the dormitory. Recalling what had happened today, she had never felt so bad. Although she had not been very strong before, at least she had overcome many difficulties. However, she was like a rookie in the dark without knowing what would happen at daybreak.

Perhaps her roommates were waiting for her excitedly, or perhaps they thought that from now on, her life was no longer confused, or perhaps they thought that she had found a way to enjoy better life. But who could know her better than herself? The feeling of loss spread over again.

"Iris, I'm back." Gail pretended to be happy. But nobody answered her question except the sound of "Cry On My Shoulder".

"Iris… Sherry…"

"Hey, Gail, it's hard to believe that you actually come back. How can you leave the handsome man?" Iris walked out of the bathroom, wiping her wet hair. Yet she wasn't change her funny character.

"Iris, stop teasing me. I'm too tired to be a human."

"What's wrong? Is he bullying you? Just tell me his name and phone number. I'm going to reason with him right now." Iris didn't want to let go of Gail anyway.

"Iris, please let me go. I am worn to a shadow." All Gail wanted now was to have a good sleep. However, it was not easy for Iris to let Gail go. She would get to the bottom of the matter she wanted to know.

"Gai, tell me what happened. I'll help you out," Iris said softly. Apparently, Iris didn't feel Gail as happy as she thought.

"All right, Iris, as my best friend, I am willing to share with you all my unhappiness." Knowing she couldn't convince the stubborn Iris, Gail told her what happened today in detail.

"Poor Gai, I thought you would have a bright future because of this job, but now it seems that you come into a wolf den," said Iris, full of pity in her joke. From grade one to grade four, they were always together. Iris knew Gail's arduous life in these years and the difference between Gail's mind and her expression.

"Iris, I'm not sad about their harsh accusations. I feel ashamed of myself. I thought I could do everything, but when the real problem occurs to me, I feel like a headless fly, not knowing what to do." The more Gail said, the sadder she felt.

Seeing that Gail was so tired, Iris didn't know how to comfort her.

They sat on the edge of the bed in silence for a long time.

"Is there anything more powerful than a hug for her at this moment?" Iris thought that it was not as simple as she thought.

Iris didn't know how much harms the work would bring to Gail, but she knew how much she wanted a shoulder to rely on when she was sad. Gail had gone through a tough time, and at that time, she also want a warm shoulder to let her cry with sadness.

"Gai, all the things are similar when everyone start to work. You don't have to feel so stressed out. As long as you believe in yourself, no matter how difficult it is, what are we afraid of? As John, a Chinese poet said, "For the longed goal I shall despite wind and rain go." Iris began to encourage Gail.

Looking up at the girl in front of her, who was not particularly beauti

ful, she was her best friend for a lifetime, and Gail had never felt so secure. Gail knew that she had many close friends, but the only one who really took her as a confidant was Iris. Whenever and wherever she called Iris, Iris would help her without hesitation.

"Iris, why are you so nice to me?" Gail asked, acting like a spoiled child in front of her lover.

"You're such a silly girl. Obviously, I just want to take good care of you because you look so beautiful!" Iris giggled.

"I wish to be a stone bridge to withstand the wind and rain for five hundred years, and I just hope that you can pass the bridge someday..." Gail said.

They talked with each other and even forgot their sadness.

"I'm so tired." Sherry came back from the outside at that time, rushed to the desk and took the glass of water and drank it in one gulp.

"Oh, I can't believe that you still have dry mouth." Iris made fun of Sherry.

"Get out, Iris. I ran dozens of laps to pursue my perfect figure," said Sherry, gasping for air.

"Tut-tut, since when do you care about your figure so much? Is there something serious going to happen? " Iris viciously stared at Sherry, whose face was covered with sweat.

"Iris, when can you get rid of your bad habit of gossiping?" Sherry glared at Iris who was ridiculing her aside.

"Sherry, although it's a gossip, there's something you can't deny!" Gail had already known Sherry's secret.

After work, Gail happened to meet Sherry and a boy walked past the gate hand in hand. The boy was none other than Allen Bai, one of their classmates.

If Gail hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she would never believe that Sherry fell in love with a boy. If she told this to Iris and Mary, it would be an explosive topic. But what's more, since Sherry didn't want others to know about it, there was no need for her to do something harmful.

"Gai, when did you become so gossipy?" Sherry's face turned red because of shyness. She didn't dare to look at Gail directly.

"Iris, let's not bully Sherry anymore. You know that she is busy with her study every day and she doesn't have time to fall in love with someone." Gail stood out to help Sherry out when seeing her rubbing her hands nervously.

"I think Gai is the one who knows me best!" Seeing that Gail was helping her, Sherry frowned at Gail and said.

"I'm telling you an extraordinarily good news!" Gail told them that she was going on a business trip in a couple of days.

"Do you fall in love?" Iris couldn't wait to hear the good news.

"Can you think about something else every day, besides being in love with somebody? Don't you think there's something else that makes you happy?" Sherry scolded, pretending to be angry.

Pursing her lips, Iris gave a little chuckle. Her strange expression made both Sherry and Gail laugh.

"I will be on a business trip to England in a couple of days."

"What? England? " Iris shouted in surprise.

"Really? Gai?" Sherry asked in disbelief.

"Yes, Mr. James asked me to get ready these days. We will leave in two days." But nobody knew that when Gail heard she would go on a business trip to England, she was extremely excited. It was a beautiful country.

"You are so great." Iris was filled with envy at this moment.

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