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   Chapter 9 Bewilderment

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"Okay, Mr. James. I got it." Gail made a face and stuck out her tongue. She couldn't imagine that she would become the secretary of the CEO all of a sudden.

She thought, 'Mr. James is really unpredictable. Was it because he was too hard to be served, so he could not find anyone, and he had to employ me?'

If so, Gail does not know what else to say. Anyway, since Gail already met Melissa, she doesn't think James is more difficult to deal with than Melissa!

Gail put her bag down, made a cup of coffee from the tea room and put it on Mr. James's desk.

Taking a glance at the steaming coffee, James refused, "I don't want to take someone's cup."

"I'm sorry. I'll change it now." "Mr. James, where is your cup? I'll make a new one," asked Gail, picking up the coffee.

"It was broken!" James continued to read the papers in his hand after he gave her a brief answer.

When Gail heard the answer, her heart was broken as well. 'It was not easy to deal with big companies. Did he mean that I had to find a way to deal with it by myself?'

'But where am I going to buy him a cup? Probably it was noon after I bought it for him.'

By the way, Gail put a cup in her bag this morning. It seemed not to have been used! She never used that cup that Iris gave her before. Should she use this cup?

Gail picked up her cup and had a look. The little girl's pattern on the cup was simple and fresh. She touched her head helplessly.

Never mind. It's good that she got one cup. Obviously, it was an impossible task. How could Mr. James let her make coffee?

After a while, she picked up a delicate tray, held a cup of coffee and gently placed it in front of Mr. James.

Gail kept staring at him, but it seemed that he had no intention of drinking coffee.

"Mr. James, here is your coffee." To prevent him from disliking the cup, Gail reminded him in a low voice.

"You may leave now." He still didn't look at her.

'God bless me. He doesn't reject that cup. Let's run away now!' she thought!

She took her seat happily. It was spotless.

The chair hadn't been heated up yet. Manager Liu walked to her desk.

"Hello! What can I do for you? " She was the interviewer yesterday, and it was highly possible that she was in a high position.

Manager Liu looked at the young college girl up and down. This girl was pure and lovely, and her clothes seemed nice.

"I'm your manager, Lisa. Come with me. " Then Lisa Liu turned around and walked away.

Gail followed her, getting ready for the worst.

Gail looked at Manager Liu who had a disgusting face.

Manager Liu walked into her own office. Although this office was not as tall as Mr. James's, it was well decorated and clean.

"Have a seat." She motioned for Gail to sit opposite her.

"Thank you!"

"Mr. James invited you in person, so I have to tell you something. In fact, Mr. James has fired three secretaries, and you are the fourth one. " With a professional smile, Lisa Liu held a pen and knocked it on the document from time to time. No sincerity could be sensed in her smile.

Gail listened carefully and didn't make much noise. This was totally different from Manager Liu's expectation. Her pause caused a little embarrassment in the office.

It was only a surprise for Gail to find that a gentle CEO could be so harsh on his work.

"Well, Manager Liu, I'm sorry. Then what should I do?" It was helpful for Gail to work with some inside information.

"I know you have been in many industries before, especially in the service industry. So you should know that the superior only tells you once what you should do. Especially in your work, you need to pay attention to the personal things. Do you understand? " Lisa Liu was displeased with Gail's sluggish response.

"Okay, I will. Thank you for telling me this." She nodded, or Manager Liu would leave.

Manager Liu thought that Gail was sensible, so she did not intend to make things difficult for her. "Well, it's all right. You can go to work now."

Gail came to her desk and cleaned it up. After she put everything she needed in order, the phone rang.

This phone call was supposed to be about work. She immediately realized that it was the CEO's call.

"Hello, Mr. James." She answered the phone with a standard sweet voice.


in. After the two words, he hung up the phone.

After straightening her clothes, Gail walked to the CEO's office and knocked on the door.

"I have a meeting in two days and need to go on a business trip. Come with me." He picked up the documents in his hands and read, as if they were air talking. But Gail knew that he was talking to her.

A business travel? 'He ask me to go on a business trip as soon as I go to work?'

"I… Me? " Gail asked again to confirm and reminded him that she couldn't do anything.

"Yes." Mr. James answered with only one word.

"But, Mr. James, I'm not familiar with my work. It's my first day at work..." She hemmed and hawed, trying to say something. But before she could finish her words, she was interrupted ruthlessly.

"Do you have anything else to tell me?" Mr. James raised his head and looked at Gail. James's poker face made Gail frightened. "If you need to learn it when I ask you to book an appointment and work as an assistant, why should I hire you? Did my aim is to teach you this?"

"……" Mr. James was so cold, and he was totally different from the one she met in the coffee shop!

"Any other questions?"

'You offered me this job out of kindness. How dare I have a problem with it? '.

"No problem!" Gail was cheering herself up with a firm tone.

"Take a look at this document. It's about the meeting. Prepare everything you need." Mr. James threw her a thick file and continued his work.

Gail thought it meant that you should do what you need do.

"It turns out that there is no difference between the superior of every company. He is just a calm man on the surface, and he doesn't as amiable as when I first met him." As these thoughts ran through her mind, Gail walked out of the CEO's office.

Unable to deal with all the documents, Gail had no choice. Although she was rich in social experience, compared with such an outstanding listed company, her previous work was just a drop in the bucket. At the moment, all Gail wanted was to wash her mind and live quietly in this chaotic world.

Suddenly, her grandfather's figure appeared in front of Gail's eyes. He looked so old and clumsy that Gail could not help feeling sad for him. If her grandfather did not company her for all these years, she would be a girl who lived in the village.

"The thread in the hands of a fond-hearted mother;Makes clothes for the body of her wayward boy; Carefully she sews and thoroughly she mends;Dreading the delays that will keep him late from home." Although grandfather hadn't been Gail's mother for so many years, he was more like her mother. Her mother had only given her one life.

With that in mind, Gail decided to have a talk with her manager. Although the manager was not very kind, this was her only choice.

In front of the manager's office, she was a little timid unexpectedly. Her trembling hands hesitated in front of the door for one minute.

A loud knock sounded on the door.

"Come in, please."

"Manager Liu, I have something to talk with you."

"Oh, you are an excellent graduate from the school of business. What's your question?" Manager Liu said as she curled her big red lips.

Manager Liu picked up the coffee on the table and lay on her side. She didn't look at Gail and said listlessly.

"Manager Liu, Mr. James informed me to go on a business trip to England with him tomorrow. But it's my first time here and I don't know much about the business trip. Please give me some advice." Gail scratched her head and stood in front of the desk, not knowing what to do.

"Miss Gail, since you are the secretary of Mr. James, you don't know how to deal with these things. How do you deal with other things in the future? I don't know why the CEO chooses you to be his secretary." Manager Liu cast a scornful glance at Gail, who was lowering her head.

"Okay, Manager Liu. I'll read the file first." Gail's face turned deathly pale, only thinking about how to escape from this awkward situation.

'Well, since you are an arrogant person, I will act according to the circumstances.' As the old saying goes, 'wherever there is a road, there will be a way.' When she read the sentence in her mind, Gail was as happy as a child. Everyone in her dormitory knew that she no longer complained or was pessimistic.

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