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   Chapter 8 Work

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Gail was still in a daze after walking out of the building. Although there were a lot of men interested in her, unfortunately, she was too busy to cope with them. She had not been in love so far. So when she was caught by a man by accident, it was her first time to be so close to a man.

It was hard to accept for her, so she had to leave. Fortunately, it was not like in the novel, her first kiss was taken away, otherwise it would be a big loss today. Although he was a handsome man who saved her twice, he was not her boyfriend!

She shook her head and told herself not to think too much. The only thing she needed to do next was to work hard and repay his kindness!

When she went back to school, it was already eleven o'clock. She made a call downstairs.

"Hey, Iris, are you still sleeping? Shall I invite you to have a meal?" Hearing the lazy voice of Iris, Gail knew that she was sleeping.

"That's not true. I'm just so moved by watching TV series. This TV series is so attractive and make me cry. Wait a minute. I'm coming. " The voice of Iris wiping her nose came through on the phone. Gail took out the phone in disgust and told her to find a boyfriend. Unfortunately, Gail heard that if a girl watched too much Korean TV shows, she couldn't find a boyfriend.

She believed it. If a girl couldn't see other boys every day, how could she find a boyfriend? The only difference was that Iris watched TV series in her dormitory, while Gail had part-time jobs and attended class every day, so both of them had no time to see other boys.

"Gai, what are we going to eat today?" Iris took her bag and rushed downstairs like a wild horse without rein.

"You can't be so greedy today, because the salary is still too early!" Gail grabbed Iris's arm and put Iris's illusion out.

"You are such a stingy girl. I have been thinking about saving you some money and just eat a bowl of rice noodles. Now I have changed my mind. " Iris said angrily while twisting her neck. She didn't wait for Gail to get out of the school.

"So what do you want to eat?" Gail knew she would talk about hotpot, roast fish and chicken on purpose.

"I want to eat spicy hot pot, OK? How about two more bottles of beer? " Actually, Iris knew the most about Gail. During the past four years in college, she had witnessed Gail's arduous life.

Iris had seen Gail giving out leaflets when she was a freshman, and doing part-time jobs at the stores when she was a sophomore, as a charlady cleaning the table and washing dishes for others. When Gail came to the third year in college, she began to organize part-time job teams and established part-time groups to help companies or shops that needed part-time workers. Although it was not as arduous as before, it still needed a team's cooperation.

However, when Melissa knew about this team and became an important member in the team who could form a contact with others, she began to spread negative news about Gail. Gail transferred the team to one of her trusted followers, who had been supporting her and helping her prove her innocence. Furthermore, he had also used powerful network techniques to reveal Melissa's scheme.

Since then, Gail and Melissa became enemies!

Gail's classes in grade four were getting fewer and fewer. She was trying to have a part-time job in a coffee shop and teach lessons on weekends.

She had to not only earn living expenses for herself, but also pay for her grandfather's medical expenses since his health had been getting worse day by day.

Feeling Gail's pain, Iris felt dis

tressed for this strong, pretty and principled girl.

The reason that Iris became Gail's loyal fan was a sensational event in the campus. The school hunk in A University asked Gail out for dinner and told her he liked her by the way, but she refused.

All girls' dream lover was rejected in this way! The school hunk was a rich, handsome and smart man. But Gail was too busy to date a boy and that was why she refused him.

The school hunk was an innocent boy and had never fallen in love. But when he confessed his love to a girl for the first time, he was rejected ruthlessly. The sensational gossip news had been talked about in the campus for more than half a month before it gradually subsided.

But Gail was too busy to search for information on the school forum. Even she herself didn't know how famous she was.

Since Gail finally found a good job, Iris decided to celebrate it, but she couldn't rip her off. They went to a spicy hot pot restaurant with good environment. Anyway, girls would like to eat spicy food. They would like to have two bottles of wine to talk about the secret gossip between the girls. How excited they are.

The next morning, Gail wore a simple floral dress and her favorite flat sandals. She then picked up the cups and tissue on the table and put them in the bag. These surely would be used. At eight o'clock sharp, she arrived at the RF Group on time.

It was inevitable that some of employees would shout at Gail on her first day at work. As a result, she refused to wear the high heels that Iris had thrown to her. If she met a tough opponent, her foot would be crippled after three or five hours! She didn't want anything bad to happen.

When she arrived at the company, the receptionist directly led her to the door of the CEO's office.

"Do I need to tell the CEO on my first day of work?" Gail asked curiously.

"You'll know when you get in." While saying, the receptionist stretched out her hand to invite Gail in with the most standard gesture. Then, the receptionist turned around and walked away.

After a moment's hesitation, Gail knocked on the door of the CEO's office.

"Come in, please!" Hearing a sexy voice, she opened the door and walked in.

How could it be him? He was the CEO! Gail blinked her eyes firmly and felt lucky that she didn't do anything unusual yesterday!

Yesterday, he seemed to ask her why she came here, but she answered to see the CEO, and Mr. James seemed to say that to satisfy her idea! 'Oh my God! How embarrassing!'

No wonder the interviewer couldn't help laughing yesterday!

But he didn't look at her, which was a relief to Gail.

"Good morning, Mr. James. I'm here to register." Gail found that he was busy with his work and ignored her.

Hearing her voice, James raised his head and said, "Give me a cup of coffee." Then he lowered his head and went on with his work.

"Oh!" Honestly, Gail was a little confused, but she still gave him a positive answer.

However, she didn't know where the tea room was and where she could get it?

Seeming to notice her suspicion, James said without looking up, "Turn right. That's the tea room. The first desk at the door is yours."

What? If her desk was at the door of the CEO's office, then she must be his secretary or something like that?

"Well, do you know where I work from now on? What's my position?" She wanted to figure it out.

"I have a name. My name is James. Call me Mr. James at work. Your position is my secretary." After saying that, he lowered his head and went on with his work.

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