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   Chapter 7 The War

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7173

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"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!" Melissa was very angry, banged at the toilet cubicle where Gail was.

"Melissa, are you crazy? I'm still in the washroom. Madman, What's wrong with you today?" Gail was not a fan of her, but Melissa knocked at the toilet door.

Gail couldn't stand this!

"Gail, come out!" Melissa kept knocking at the door loudly

This place was a toilet. Gail would finish the toilet before she came out!' If Gail wanted to argue with her, Gail would have beaten Melissa up a long time ago.

Gail had no idea what she had done in her previous life to meet such a freak in the University!

"Hey, Gail! Come out! I have something to ask you!" Melissa noticed that Gail didn't say anything, Melissa was more angry that Gail ignored her!

Melissa kicked the door hard with her foot.

"What's wrong with you, Melissa? There's no need to be in such a hurry. Don't you see I'm busy right now?"

Whoops, Melissa was Gail's classmate, tying her and Melissa together would be like killing Gail, Gail would die!

"Gail you...... You just ate shit. Your whole family ate shit! " Melissa kicked the door harder.

After leaving the interview room, James went to the bathroom too. Unexpectedly, he heard a loud noise from the female toilets.

He listened carefully, it seemed that Melissa was kicking the door, and it was Gail inside.

He shook his head to express his sympathy for Gail. How ridiculous she was to be pestered by a man like that! Last time he met Gail, Melissa was deliberately making difficulties for her. Was it because that all beautiful girls were envied by others?

Gail was a beautiful girl, which made people feel comfortable and pleased.

As soon as Gail opened the door, she saw Melissa, "what are you doing?"

"Did you just say that you were coming to work tomorrow?" Melissa asked Gail this question immediately.

Well, Gail got it. Melissa was just angry with herself. It was estimated that the interviewer would ask Melissa to wait for his call.

"Yes or no, does it have anything to do with you?" Gail bypassed Melissa and came to the wash basin.

"You...... Why should I wait? There must be bad thing when I see you! Did you dress up that sexily to seduce the boss? Let me tell you, Gail. Only a whore like you can be qualified to go to a cafe. " Looking at Gail's light make-up and beautiful figure, Melissa got more jealous. Plus, Melissa just heard that Gail was going to work tomorrow, and her face became even more ferocious and ugly.

Melissa, as the daughter of a mayor, was even inferior to a wild girl from the countryside, Gail stole Melissa show

"Melissa, I didn't expect you to be fond of such obscene words. It really suits you! I can't afford it. Good barkers are no biters. I need to wash my hands in case my hands don't get dirty on you after I go to the bathroom. " Gail put her hand in front of Melissa on purpose. She knew that Melissa was very clean.

Looking at Gail's hand in front of her, Melissa covered her nose subconsciously and stepped back. "Gail, get your dirty hand off me!"

After Gail quickly washed her hands, she had to leave this place as soon as possible. She didn't want to stand with Melissa at all. It lowered her IQ!

They didn't notice a man coming out of the men's room. Melissa was furious and wanted to use every opportunity to insult Gail.

"Who do you think you are, Gail? Just a pretty girl. You feel great about yourself. You show off in front of me every day, and seduce my boyfriend. You are very ashamed!" Melissa didn't lik

e Gail's dignity. Besides, she hated it when she saw so many handsome men make up to her.

"Melissa, shut up! I have never thought that I am great, and thank you for reminding me! You just can't get along with me. Are you tired? " Gail threw the tissue to the trash can and walked out. Gail would go crazy if she still tangled with this crazy woman.

"Stop, Gail! You cannot leave!" After scolded for a long time, Melissa originally wanted to anger Gail and then scolded her. But Gail was ready to leave.

Pissed off, Melissa grabbed Gail's clothes. Off guard, Gail fell backwards involuntarily.

"Oh!" Gail was distressed when she thought that the clothes she wore on the first day were going to break. Gail could only close her eyes and wait for the pain.

When Gail fell in midair, Gail with her eyes closed felt a soft wall, not as painful as she thought. 'Do I press Melissa under my body?' Ha ha, she deserved what she got. When Gail opened her eyes and was about to step on it again, she saw a familiar face!

His skin was very good, and there were no visible pores. His deep and powerful eyes seemed to attract her to look carefully. His nose was like a bridge, and the smooth line climbed up to his brow. Wow, she envied his two urged eyebrows......

"Gail! You... " Melissa was going to push her down, she would be happy if Gail fell to the ground. Melissa didn't expect Gail to be caught by a handsome young man who was interviewing Melissa and told Melissa to wait for his notice. Melissa's face twisted spontaneously.

"Well..." It was not until then did Gail realize that it was a man, and she is still in his arms. Gail quickly stood up and spoke in embarrassment, "I'm sorry. Oh, thank you, thank you for helping me!" Gail was at a loss. She stared at him and didn't know what to do!

"Thank you. Bye." Gail waved at him and ran away as fast as she could. Gail simply ignores Melissa. It made Melissa angry.

Gail ran a long way, as if she could feel Melissa's anger.

Melissa looked at the handsome man in embarrassment. If he hadn't helped Gail, she would have thrown herself into his arms right now. He was much more handsome than Jared.

"Why do you have to keep me waiting for the notice while that Gail can go to work directly?" Originally, Melissa wanted to behave well and give a good impression. Then ask him why she should wait for notice. She could tell him who her father was, then he would change his mind. But as soon as she thought of that Gail Cheng, Melissa asked him directly.

Giving her a glance, James walked straight to the sink and washed his hands. After that, he took out a tissue and wiped his hands, leaving the washroom.

"Hey, why?" Melissa was unwilling to give up. She thought she was better than Gail. Why should she lose to her.

James cast a scornful glance at her. "Because you are stupid!" Then he strode away without looking back. He was not as patient as Gail and couldn't stand talking to a girl like that.

Melissa stood still, dumbfounded. How could James say that she was stupid? No one had dared to speak to her like that since childhood! She remembered that Gail had spilled coffee all over her face last time, but she hadn't had time to argue with Gail. And this man supported Gail from the beginning!

If there was nothing fishy about it, how could he speak well of Gail who ran away as soon as she saw him? Melissa took a deep breath to calm herself down and then confirmed that Gail has an affair with this person!

Let's wait and see. I'll find out who is behind this!

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