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   Chapter 6 Interview

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He frowned and thought for a while. "Take these things upstairs first. I'll come up later."

After sending his assistant away, he went to the interview room, and the people inside were all shocked.

Manager Liu was surprised at his sudden arrival. He wondered why his boss was interested in the interview.

"I'm short of hands. Come in and I just have a look. You can continue." James walked straight to an empty chair and sat down with an expressionless face.

The three interviewers looked at James, and saw that he had no instructions. They cleared their throat and continued to work.

"Okay, next one, Melissa." The staff at the door began to ask the next interviewee to come in for the interview once the interviewee went out.

Melissa walked in. The delicate makeup had made her look very mature and her words were very square.

"May I ask what do you think of the RF Group? And how much do you know about it?" Manager Liu's red lips opened. This unexpected question made Melissa astonished.

"It's the largest group in NF City and a leading group in the country. It involves many industries." Melissa racked her brains to tell her what she knew.

At the same time, she noticed that there was a handsome man sitting inside the interviewers. He was much more handsome than her boyfriend.

James glanced at her resume, only to find that she had been a member of the student union and had gotten a few scholarships before. That was all.

Feeling the gaze from Melissa, James raised his head and his cold eyes met hers. Melissa lowered her head immediately.

What James hated the most was that women looked at him like that. Manager Liu understood it very well. She felt great sympathy for Melissa. Even if Melissa was from a rich family, she didn't care about her father's position. Therefore, she was sure that Melissa would not get the job if she stared at Mr. James like this.

Manager Liu asked her a few more questions and asked her to wait for the message.

Melissa gave James a final look with reluctance and then opened the door to leave.

"Next one, Gail."

Gail took her resume and sent it generously to the interviewers.

However, when she sent her resume, she saw the handsome man who gave her his business card. She cast a sidelong glance at the man sitting at the corner and sat down.

"Please make a brief introduction..." The interviewers asked questions one by one.

While listening carefully to her answer, James browsed through her resume. Others only wrote briefly about their resumes, but she wrote a lot on it. She was really busy with part-time jobs. She had never been relaxed since she was a university student.

Manager Liu cast a glance at James, waiting for his question.

"Why are you here?" He raised his head and asked.

"……" 'Didn't you give me the business card and then I came? She wouldn't have thought about this company if he hadn't given her the card.

James waited patiently for her answer. He crossed his hands and seemed to be interested in her answer.

She wore pink clothes and her long black hair hung on her shoulders casually today. The simple light make-up made her more attractive. She was more intriguing than the last time. If he hadn't seen her pouring coffee to Melissa, he would have been deceived by her performance today. He would thought that she was either a vase, or an innocent college student.

She answered after thinking for a while, "Because this company has a high salary and a promising future. Even if I work here as an intern for a few months, I can learn more."

"Anything else?" James didn't seem to be satisfied with her answer. Stroking his

chin, he fixed his gaze on her with his eyebrows raised.

She looked away quickly as if she didn't dare to look into his eyes. She didn't expect that this man was here to make things difficult for her. If she knew, she should go to that coffee shop and have a try. Probably she could become the manager of the coffee shop. Her mind must have been taken away by Iris!

"What?" Noticing her reluctance, James gently pressed his lips. His pink lips were so seductive.

"My roommate told me that the CEO of the RF Group is very handsome. They asked me to have a look." Gail thought about it for a long time and didn't know how to answer. Since he didn't want to recruit her sincerely, she would tell him the truth. After all, they would never see each other again.

"Poof!" The interviewer beside James was choked by her reply.

Manager Liu cast a stern glance at the interviewer, and then turned to his boss. The boss seemed to be interested in the answer.

"Well, you are very honest. Come to work tomorrow and help your roommate to realize this idea. You can see the CEO at eight o'clock tomorrow morning. " James seemed to be smiling, but there was no expression on his face.

"Em?" 'It's okay. Please wait for our notice and keep the phone running smoothly.' Gail thought that he would say it in an official way. '

Noticing the baffled look on her face, James continued, "You may come here tomorrow. If you are late, you don't have to come."

It suddenly occurred to Gail that he wanted her to come here tomorrow. "Okay, thank you!" She replied.

She stood up and nodded to the interviewers with a smile. Then she walked out cheerfully in her high-heeled shoes.

Watching her receding figure, James was engrossed in his thoughts. 'She was dressed well at that time. Today, her dress was so eye-catching, and it is extremely attractive for men.' He heard two male interviewers discussed, "She is very beautiful, and her resume is very beautiful. '

He didn't find another suitable employee when people came for interview one after another. Now that he had found one, he would not employ others.

He stood up and left the interview room to his office.

Gail cheerfully walked out of the place of interview and made a phone call.

"Hello, Iris, I passed the interview. They asked me to work tomorrow." It happened that Melissa came out of the bathroom and heard Gail's joyful and low voice, while Gail held the phone with excitement.

"Yeah, sure. I'll treat you dinner when I come back."

"Well, don't be garrulous. Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson when I come back!" She shook her little fist with smile in her eyes and said, "I won't say it any more. Bye. See you later."

As soon as she hung up the phone, she saw Melissa wiping her hands with a piece of tissue. Melissa pulled a long face. Gail went around Melissa and went ahead.

'Damn it! I can still see her even in the restroom!'

"Stop!" Melissa suddenly shouted. She was furious.

Gail ignored Melissa and kept walking inside. She was so nervous that she wanted to go to the bathroom. She needed to go to the bathroom as soon as possible.

"Gail, stop!" Melissa called out her name again.

Helplessly, Gail turned around and gave a glance at Melissa. Gail thought that she didn't do anything to Melissa today. Instead, Melissa was treating herself as an important person. Gail opened the door, ignoring Melissa's harassment. It was urgent to go to the bathroom.

Melissa was unconvinced, and she wanted to know the matter when she heard that Gail could come here tomorrow. Why could Gail work here? She had to wait. It seemed she had no chance to get the job.

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