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   Chapter 5 Preparation

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"Great!" Iris looked at a pink jumpsuit and a sleeveless vest. It was suitable for an interview.

"I'll try it on. To be honest, I just bought it and haven't had the time to put it on yet." Eventually, a smile crept up on Gail's face.

"Put it on. I'm looking forward to seeing your new clothes." Iris's face was full of expectation. She was really a good roommate!

Gail then put on the clothes and a pair of sneakers. The light pink color added to her white skin, mixed with red. Her long and slender legs seemed longer than before. This set of apparel showed her nice figure. Gail was so beautiful that each man who saw her would want to hold her in his arms.

However, when Iris looked at her shoes, she showed an obvious expression of disdain. "Can you change this pair of shoes? They are so ugly!" She shook her hand in disgust.

"I think they are okay. I feel comfortable when I walk with this pair of shoes. The shoes look good." Gail didn't want to wear high heels. It was so tired for her to wear high heels.

"You are so silly. If you wear this pair of shoes, your clothes will become wasteful. If you don't want to be tired, you can wear a pair of relatively low-heeled shoes. " Iris's tone was firm, like a fashion lady.

Reluctantly, Gail took out her high-heeled shoes from the bag and explained, "I only have this pair. The boss asked me to buy a pair of high heels when I had a part-time job, so I bought them."

She was holding a pair of black mid-heeled shoes, which showed that she was not confident enough.

"Wow, you still want to be a professional woman. If you want to become an excellent workplace beauty, you must have your own professional clothes, okay?" With her hands on her hips, Iris turned her face away.

She opened her wardrobe, took out a red shoebox and handed it to Gail.

"Here you are. It's a pair of new shoes and I haven't worn it yet. Fortunately, we are of the same size. Otherwise, all your work would be wasted on the high heels. " Iris was holding the shoebox with one hand and put another hand on her waist. It seemed that she was disgusting.

Gail pouted and took the shoebox reluctantly. As soon as Gail opened it, she laughed happily, "Wow, Iris, the shoes are so beautiful! I didn't expect you to have such good taste. How expensive is this pair of shoes? "

Iris was quite pleased when she heard the first sentence, but then she was unhappy when she heard the following sentence. "Gail, as a girl, you should have a pair of shoes that are not so bad. Look at your shoes, the shoes of hotel waiters are even more beautiful than yours!"

Gail pursed her lips!

She cheerfully picked up the shoes and put them on. Then, she stood and turned around in front of the largest mirror in the dormitory.

She wore a pair of pointed stilettos, and a thin ribbon wrapped around her ankles. Her white feet looked adorable.

"Tut-tut. My shoes are so amazing. When you wear them, your feet become so beautiful that each man wants to kiss your feet. For a moment, Iris couldn't find a proper word to describe it.

"I'm not going to wear this pair of shoes if you keep talking like this." Gail was about to take off her shoes.

"No. I may be a little straightforward, but I'm absolutely telling the truth! " Iris smiled innocently, and her sharp little tiger tooth was attractive.

But she felt that her tiger tooth was too ugly. She complained that others had two tiger teeth, but she only had one. She complained about her parents every day.

Gail had told Iris several

times that her tiger tooth was so cute and everyone liked it. But Iris didn't believe her and allowed her to stop.

"Well, you have the best taste. I like the shoes. Lend your shoes to me for the whole day. If I pass the interview, I will invite you to eat rice noodles." Gail stamped on the floor happily and was about to go out with her bag.

"Wait!" "Let me see your make-up," Iris continued.

Hearing what Iris said, Gail rubbed her forehead and thought, 'If I had known she was so annoying, I wouldn't have dragged her out of bed.'

Iris forced Gail to sit down. Then, Iris put on a sunscreen on Gail's face and a delicate make-up on Gail's eyebrows. Then, Iris selected a pink lipstick and put it on Gail's lips.

"If the boss of the RF Group were a man and failed to pass your interview, he must be an eunuch!" Iris looked at Gail, the most beautiful girl in her dormitory. Iris had a feeling of admiration and envy.

Iris was proud that there was a beautiful girl in her dormitory, and she was jealous that the girl was not her.

A beautiful girl just stood gracefully in front of her. The girl become so attractive with her efforts. Iris was as beautiful as Gail in spirit.

"Have you seen enough? If I don't leave now, I will be late!" Gail felt a little embarrassed when Iris stared at her.

"Well, hurry up. Wish you succeed!" Iris waved her hand and said, "Hey, don't you look at yourself in the mirror?"

Why didn't she look at herself in the mirror before leaving? What a pity.

"I know clearly what I look like? What's more, I'm afraid I will be so proud of myself. " Gail giggled from the downstairs.

The last sentence was the key point. Gail had seldom put on make-up. Oh, no, she hadn't used any lipstick. She was shy to see herself today because of the amazing effect.

In front of the building of the RF Group, Gail was a little excited. She pulled herself together.

When she arrived at the RF Group, the receptionist came over enthusiastically. "Hello, what can I do for you?"

"Hello, I'm here for an interview." Gail returned a standard smile.

"Hello, this way please!" She took Gail to an office. There were only a few people in front of the office.

However, when Gail sat on the chair, she saw a familiar face.

"Oh, I didn't expect you to come here for an interview. You didn't work well in the coffee shop. How dare you come here?" Melissa asked in a sarcastic tone, full of hostility in her eyes.

"It's all your fault. I have to change my job. To be honest, I should thank you for being unreasonable." Ignoring her, Gail took out her own resume and started viewing it.

"You are really brave to come here for the interview!" Melissa didn't want to get angry here. The mockery in her eyes made her lips bigger and the powder on her face began to fall.

Gail ignored her and waited for the interview in silence.

Gail couldn't help complaining how could she see Melissa everywhere and felt sick.

When James passed through the corridor, he happened to see Gail. He couldn't help stopping and looking at her. He also saw that the woman sitting opposite to her was the one who deliberately made difficulties for her in the coffee shop, so every word they said came into his ears.

"Peter, who is that lady?" He remembered that Jackson tell him that woman with heavy make-up had a powerful background.

His assistant, Peter was surprised that his boss asked about the interviewee. "She is the daughter of the mayor. She is in her senior year," he answered honestly.

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