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   Chapter 4 A Small Party

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 7098

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Mary Wen was another roommate, and she devoted herself to taking part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools, so she found a quiet house to study.

"Let's go to Mary Wen's house to celebrate. We haven't had a meal together for a long time." As soon as Sherry finished her words, she took hold of Gail's and Iris's hands, cheering them up.

"What do we celebrate? I don't even have a job. " Gail felt confused. The most difficult thing in the dormitory was to follow Sherry's mindset.

They went to Mary Wen's rental house and bought a pile of vegetables, fruits and meat. They were like nuns in the school every day because they could not eat enough meat. Therefore, they must eat hot pot with meat!

The meat that they bought in the supermarket was more than that they ate in the canteen, and the meat is cheaper in the supermarket. Carrying so many bags, they were so excited.

Mary Wen got a phone call in advance. She had already boiled the water and prepared enough sauce, pots and pans

They washed and cut vegetables and meat separately, and the materials were soon prepared. Every time they cooked hot pot, they would be excited. They could chat casually and relax themselves when they were nervous about their studies and essays.

Seeing the pot on the table, they cleaned their hands and started to eat.

"Hey, you haven't told me what we celebrate." Mary Wen picked up the lid. If they didn't give it to her, she would not allow them to eat.

"Well..." The other three people looked at each other in consternation.

Casting a glance at Sherry, Gail replied, "They are just kidding. They just make up some random excuses."

"Of course not. We just miss you and come here to make amends for you. We know you're prepared for the postgraduate entrance exam, so we want to prepare delicious food for you! " With a smile on her face, Iris was chewing a half meatball. As a result, her words were not very clear.

Sherry looked at Iris in disgust, "It's you who came here for delicious food, right? Look, your mouth was almost full of food.

"So, who proposed that we had a meal here? Who bought a lot of meat and chicken balls in the supermarket? You're afraid that others might not know that you're fond of meat." Seeing that Sherry was so serious as if nobody seemed to notice that she had bought all the meat, Gail could not help teasing her.

In fact, when Gail came to the university, she was a shy girl who was not good at joking. Under the guidance of Sherry, she could joke with others.

"Humph, since you don't help me, I have to tell our original intention to eat hot pot tonight. Mary Wen, actually we..." Sherry's mouth was covered by Gail's hand.

"Sherry has a boyfriend. She still doesn't want to tell you," answered Gail calmly.

"What?" Mary Wen and Iris said with one voice.

Sherry was shocked too. How did Gail know? No! She must have cheated and I would never admit it!

"It was you..." Before she could finish the following words, "Tomorrow Gail is going to take an interview in the RF Group". Sherry saw that Gail mouthed out three words.

Sherry was flustered by the three words. She picked up the chicken leg in the pot at once and said, "Eat it quickly, or the meat will be boiled. Eat quickly. You need to go back to study after the meal! "

"Actually, Sherry wants to tell you that I'm going to have an interview in the RF Group tomorrow. It's not big news. I can share with you. " Gail answered gently.

In fact, Gail just didn't understand wh

y Sherry and Iris would react so strongly to the RF Group. It's just a relatively large company.

"Wow, the RF Group! The chance that students who graduated from our school find a job in that company is relatively small. I heard that the boss is particularly picky. The company offers a good pay and has a bright future. Girls in our school almost want to go there because a golden bachelor came there this year. It's said that some journalists have looked for the young and handsome CEO many times, but they were rejected. " Mary Wen held her black frame glasses and said it in a proper way.

"Tut-tut, I didn't expect you to know so much. It turns out that you are a gossip. You have hidden your real character well. Do you want to find a rich husband? " Sherry gazed at Mary Wen with a mischievous smile.

Was the CEO more handsome than the two men I met? Wow, how cute is this guy?

Three women could play a drama, and four women could play a wonderful drama, chattering continuously. Each of them drunk a bag of yoghurt after eating the hot pot. They were satisfied.

Three of them went back to their dormitory. After washing up, Sherry and Iris fell asleep. Gail couldn't fall asleep at the thought of the interview tomorrow. In fact, when she didn't know much about the RF Group, she wasn't nervous about the interview. She was stressed out and had little chance of passing the interview after knowing something about this company.

She was neither a bad student nor a top student. She often skipped classes to earn living expenses. She had a lot of social experience and did many kinds of jobs. She hoped that the experience could help her in the interview!

At seven o'clock in the morning, Gail had already got up and packed up. There was still a lot of time before the interview.

Sherry went to study with her backpack on her back while Iris still slept on her bed.

The financial situation of Iris's family did not allow her to prepare for further education. She was not ambitious.

Gail pulled Iris down from the bed. Of course, Iris had to offer some advice for her on the interview. Which clothes suited her well?

"Gai, why did you pull me down from the bed? I haven't woken up yet." Sitting on the chair with sleepy eyes, Iris rubbed her eyes, as if she could fall down from the chair at any time.

"Iris, yesterday you said the company was wonderful, which made me under a lot of pressure. You have to be my adviser today." Gail grabbed Iris's hand and stopped her from going to bed. "Besides, other students either prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam, or look for a job, but you are wasting your time in the dormitory."

Iris lowered her head. "I know. I'm going to find a job when I wake up."

Rolling her eyes helplessly, Gail asked, "Look at the dress. How is it? Does it fit for an interview?"

"Extremely casual!"

"What about this tight dress?"

Iris bit her finger and said, "Well… It's too tempting. Your figure shows well and your breasts get bigger. It is not good. "

Hearing what she said, Gail did not know what to say. "What about this suit?"

"It's too stiff. The black one isn't cut well yet. It's too ordinary!" At this time, Iris was like a picky judge, and she put her index finger in a serious manner.

"What about this one-piece pink jumpsuit?" It was the last set of apparel for Gail to take part in the interview. Although she was poor, she also bought some clothes for herself. But money was limited, so these clothes were already too luxurious.

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