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   Chapter 3 Surprise

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"Iris, you called this number and now you're handing it to me?" Gail was uncomfortable as it already was! She wasn't planning on picking up the phone any more than Iris was! She continually glanced at the phone, her hand already quivering.

"Just pick it up, Gail! Don't you want the job? Imagine your salary after this! It'll all be worth it," Iris insisted. If that handsome man was truly interested in giving her a job, Gail wouldn't even have to worry about finding one after graduation. Seeing this as a third person, Iris saw how integral this was. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

No matter if he was sincere or not, a job opportunity was still an opportunity she should take.

"Hello?" Gail finally answered the phone. Her voice was quivering from the anxiety.

"Is this Gail? Why did you hang up?" Although he said it softly, Gail knew for a fact that he was already questioning her integrity. She chewed her bottom lip.

Well, she needed to be honest if she wanted this job, right?

"My friend said she wanted to see if the number was true and..." she stuttered. "I really am sorry!" She couldn't help but continue to think if this was all a dream.

It was not every day that she'd be asked to work for such a big company. Maybe it had just been a matter of formalities.

"Do you still think I gave you the fake number?" James thought back to the business card he had given her. It only had his phone number not his name or any other information. He thought he had given his secretary's card, only to have given his own.

James could blame nothing but his own negligence.

He didn't blame her for being distrustful. If he were given the same thing, he'd think the thing was fake at first sight.

"My friend was just curious. I really am sorry," she apologized. 'It's difficult to be around this guy,' she couldn't help but think.

"Are you free tomorrow?" He didn't insist on questioning her about the first phone call, which was a huge relief for Gail.

However, from the way he phrased his question, it seemed as if he was asking her on a date rather than a business meeting!

She shook the thought away. The man was much too handsome and successful to take an interest in her anyway. "Yes!"

she answered it way too quickly.

This was a job offer, and she wasn't going to turn that down.

There was silence for a few moments before he finally spoke up, "Come to the company for an interview at 9 tomorrow morning. Remember to bring your resume."

Even James realized the sketchiness of his first question the moment he asked it after.

If he'd been misinterpreted, then his reputation could go down the dumps.

"Yes, okay. Thank you very much. Do you mind if I know your name?" James raised his eyebrows in surprise. He wasn't expecting that she'd ask for his name.

"It's James." He seemed to be in a good mood when he hung up his phone.

Iris was leaning closer and closer to Gail's speaker, trying to listen to what was being said at the other end of the line. Her eyes lit up in thousand different emotions.


?" she demanded once Gail hung up.

Gail pretended to frown. "Guess," she said glumly.

"Oh, stop with the bullshit! I heard almost all of it!" Iris saw right through Gail's trick.

"Okay, fine! I was wrong. You were right." She huffed out.

However, even then, Gail couldn't contain her own excitement any longer as she jumped up and down. Iris soon followed as they held their hands, squealing in delight. Just then, their other roommate, Sherry Wu, walked in.

Sherry Wu was a straight A student. She was smart, and she didn't look too bad either.

"You guys look happy," she commented. "Anything you'd like to share?" Sherry Wu placed her bag on the table, moving towards them.

Although she was a very studious person, she could be a huge gossip when she wanted to be. Sherry Wu was the type of person who always put her studies first, so if she wasn't at any of her classes, then she would be studying back in their dorms.

Gail quickly hid behind Sherry, ducking from Iris, pouting. Iris rolled her eyes. "I won't tell you."

"Gail, you'll tell me then, right?" Sherry winked. Her slightly crooked lips and near white teeth reminded all of them of a cute rabbit, and sometimes, she'd behave that way too.

"Nothing serious. Iris was just making a huge fuss about it." The job hadn't been decided yet, so it'd be too soon if they celebrated it. Plus, it wasn't as if she'd be qualified for it either.

"Don't be so modest!" Seeing that Gail wasn't telling the truth, Iris decided to pick up the pace. "A man from the RF Group called her up and asked her to do an interview with them!"

Hearing the company's name, Sherry's eyes lit up. "The RF Group? Holy shit! That's a big company. You'll be rich!"

Gail shrugged. "It's just an interview."

"Still! With this beautiful figure, you'll ace the interview for sure!" Iris moved towards them, analyzing Gail's figure.

"I mean, your breasts are a bit small, but a push-up bra could fix that. You look like a bomb! By the way, I just heard that the CEO is a young man! Since his father just retired, he quickly took over, so if you manage to snag him, you'll be rich!" Sherry winked.

It had always been like this, all her college life.

They had always teased each other of finding a rich husband.

"The CEO can give me a car as a little gift, and I'll approve," Iris echoed, jumping up and down.

Sherry grabbed Gail's hands and seated her on the chair, dancing around. "We'll just need a red envelope of around thirty to fifty thousand dollars. Obviously, we'll give you gifts, like Durex or lingerie."

"Keep up the strength, you know?" Iris added. "If you snag the CEO, I'll give him up for you."

"You see how Iris sacrificed her love?" Sherry teased even more.

"Go and get your man, sister!"

Gail flushed at her words. Although she was already used to them, they never really gave her a chance to talk herself.

"For someone who hasn't had a boyfriend, you sure talk like you do." Gail pouted. They hadn't even met him yet, and they were already talking about her wedding gifts!

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