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   Chapter 2 An Accident

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6525

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Gail stared blankly at the business cards she was given. Her mind went blank, and she didn't know how to react.

She glanced from one handsome man to another, furrowing her eyebrows at the opportunity that was handed over to her in a silver platter. The silent man looked familiar. Although, she didn't know how she knew him. However, she saw how Jackson Wei turned to his friend with a meaningful smile.

"You're a university student, aren't you? Shouldn't you be interested in work?" Snapping out of her reverie, she quickly pocketed the two business cards that were handed to her.

This was a job opportunity! She'd be out of her mind if she wouldn't accept.

Jackson Wei's friend was much too nice. She didn't turn to look at the business card. Although Gail was the type of person who'd rather know who she was working for, they both seemed like honorable people.

However, Jackson Wei wasn't finished. He raised an eyebrow.

"Miss, didn't you look at the business card he's given you?"

Should she? Gail smiled sheepishly, as her eyes traveled up the header of the business card.

Holy Shit. The RF Group. Everyone had dreamed of applying for the RF Group! It was the top-class company that Iris Zhang had always mentioned.

Gail clasped her hand, eyes widening happily.

"There's no name on it, but once you call the written number, tell him my name – James Jiang. You'll be ringed in for the interview." Without another word, the expressionless man turned and left.

"Thank you. Thank you so much." Gail bowed her head.

"You're just trying to rob me of a potential employee here!" Jackson teased as he grabbed James Jiang by the shoulder and escorted him right out of the coffee shop.

Staring at their retreating figure, Gail rubbed her scalded skin and rushed back to her dormitory.

In the enclosed room, she could see Iris Zhang at the corner of their dorm. Sitting in front of the computer, tears were rushing down her face as she laughed at what was being shown at the screen.

"Gail? You're back? Why are you so early?" Iris quickly took off her headphones as she gazed up at Gail through her large glasses.

"I got fired. No, no! I think I may have fired my boss." Gail threw herself to her bed, burying her face in her hands.

"What? You fired him?" Iris narrowed her eyes at her, placing her laptop to the side.

"Melissa and Jared went by the coffee shop today, and you know how that bitch is." Gail made a face. She always hated Melissa. Whenever they came, things always spelled out trouble, that was for sure.

"Is it that old bitch again? What the hell did she do? You got fired because of her?" Iris shot her a series of questions as she moved towards her friend's bed side.

"I'm fine." Gail waved her hand dismissively, cracking a smile. "I mean, I got burnt, but I also threw coffee back at her. Now that I think of it, I should've made that coffee burning hot." Gail snorted. However, Iris was nowhere near amused.

"You got burnt and you didn't even think of applying medicine first?" She frowned, rummaging her drawers before pulling out an ointment. She handed it over to Gail. "Now tell me." In a few seconds, Iris rushed back to her side,

and her ears perked up attentively. On the o

ther side of the city, Jackson and James Jiang were locked in a very vivid conversation. "You're curious about her. I knew it!

Do you really like her?" Jackson looked like a stoic man who always knew what to say, but in front of his friends, he was a huge gossip.

James Jiang flashed him a smile.

"Your silence means I'm right, and I'll be posting it on every group chat," Jackson warned. This was breaking new! James rarely liked anybody, and here he was, smitten over a girl they'd just seen.

"You're thinking too much. I just think she has potential. Plus, she has all the qualities I'm looking for." James started the car and shrugged. "Shall we go or not?"

His face showed no hints of playfulness, a strong indication that he wasn't planning to gossip with his friend.

"Don't you want her to be your manager? Does that mean you like her?" James asked, raising an eyebrow.

"The girl's interesting to deal with, plus she's pretty talented. Talent's rare these days," Jackson answered, rubbing the stubble in his chin.

James rolled his eyes. If there was something he knew about his friend, it was that he knew he was lying right to his face.

"Wow! You had two handsome men come to your rescue! I think I should start working in that coffee shop!" Iris swooned, placing a hand over her forehead exasperatedly.

"Stop it." Gail rolled her eyes. "It could be a prank, you know. You shouldn't take these things too seriously."

"Have you seen these? These are legitimate!" Iris squinted her eyes as she twirled the business card up in the air. It was the one from the RF Group.

"Let's see if it's true. Besides, if you go to the RF Group right now, you might see my Mr. Charming." Iris winked.

"James Jiang, my husband, the best man in the world!" Iris swooned.

Gail snorted. Iris always thought that every one of the male leads she watched was her husband. "You can try," Gail suggested. "I'm sure the secretary will be very accommodating."

Iris gave a wicked smile. "Let's give it a try then." She grabbed the phone and dialed.

However, in a couple of rings, someone actually answered.

"Hello?" His voice was firm and soft, enough to revert any woman into a puddle.

The moment Iris heard it, she immediately shut the phone down and threw it away. "Holy shit," she breathed out. "His voice was hot!"

"I thought it was a fake call! I mean, it could be an old secretary. He could be ugly," Gail teased. Iris was the type of person who'd rather live in a fantasy than reality.

She could watch Korean dramas without eating or drinking. She'd always ramble how great her 'husbands' looked like in those exquisite clothes, and how their bright smiles would catch her heart. Gail had gotten used to it over time.

All of a sudden, the phone rang in Iris's hands.

She jumped back. "Gail!" she said, panicked. "I think it's him again! I–I I actually made the call." Iris trembled in anxiety. She wasn't planning on answering the phone call since the name card wasn't given to her. Plus, she wasn't planning on stealing Gail's spot.

She handed the phone back to Gail, whose eyes were wide in fear. How was she going to explain it?

At that moment, they didn't know if they should pick up the phone or not.

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