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   Chapter 1 First Sight

You're The Trouble I'm In By Dong Shengxue Characters: 6567

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An excruciating scream broke through the silence at Island Coffee Shop, the largest coffee shop in AN City.

"What's wrong with you? You've taken my order hundreds of times, and you still don't know what I want? I want it hot! Here, hold it for me. Does this seem hot to you? It's fucking warm!"

Without another word, Melissa Shen tipped the coffee cup over. Hot coffee spilled out and splashed on Gail Cheng's hand. She flinched. Searing pain shot through her system as her smooth skin turned red instantly. At this point, she could be that she'd see blisters coming up her skin by the end of the day.

"Forget it, Melissa. She's our classmate. We shouldn't embarrass her," Jared Huang persuaded in hushed whispers. He couldn't help but feel embarrassed when he saw the gazes directed at them.

Several people looked at the two of them with disdain.

"What about it? This isn't school. Since I paid, shouldn't I expect good service? It's her fault that she didn't do it well, and now you're blaming me?" Melissa Shen glared at Gail Cheng, fingers curling into fists. That bitch had always been arrogant!

"You've changed your coffee five times already. Can we just go shopping and forget about it?" Jared Huang tried to coax her one more time.

"You mean to say I did all of this for nothing? Why do you always take her side in this?" Frustrated at her boyfriend, she raised her voice higher and higher till all eyes were on them. Some of the onlookers even moved closer to see what the hassle was about.

"Excuse me. I'm sorry. It's our fault. I'll ask her to apologize to you immediately, plus your coffee will be free to emphasize our apology, is that okay?" The moment he knew what was going on, the manager quickly approached them.

"Fine." Melissa Shen smirked once she heard his response. She quickly folded her arms and cocked up an eyebrow at the woman in front of her.

"Gail, apologize to our customer," the manager ordered, completely ignoring her scald and drenched apron.

"Gail? If you don't apologize to me today, then you're going to end up on the streets." Melissa Shen's delicate make-up was distasteful against her scowl. She squinted at Gail, and the mockery of her voice made the man beside her frown.

"Manager..." Gail tried to say, gritting her teeth.

However, the manager pretended not to have heard her. He understood that the customer was being unreasonable. Besides, his employee had changed the coffee five times already, under his supervision. However, customers were always right in this scenario, so he needed to ask Gail to apologize.

"Don't be like this." Gail glared.

"If you want to go back to work, then just do it." Melissa Shen tilted her head proudly. She wasn't the type of person looking for a compromise.

The onlookers seemed to have finally realized what was going on there. Melissa was making things too difficult. After shaking their heads, they returned to enjoy their afternoon tea.

At a corner near the window, two men in suits were watching the scene not far away.

"Is that Miss Melissa? Why'd you think she got angry?" The man in a dark blue suit stared at the uncontrollable arrogant woman.

"Don't you think the waitress's beautiful though?" The man sitting opposite to him held onto

his small and exquisite coffee cup as he stared at Gail without even batting an eyelid. There was just something about her that attracted his attention.

"Interested?" The man in a blue suit raised an eyebrow in surprise.

As an old friend, he'd never seen him interested in a woman all his life.

The man didn't deny or admit it as he took a sip of his coffee.

"Manager, you know that she's purposely doing this! I won't apologize!" Gail shook her head.

"Humph!" Melissa snorted.

"If you don't apologize, just leave," the manager snapped. He had been planning to give Gail an increase for her wage today as consolation, but he didn't expect that she'd turn against him in public.

"Fine. Pay my salary then," she stated.

"You..." The manager turned bright red, not expecting that she'd scream about salaries in front of so many people.

"Oops." Suddenly, a large cup of coffee was thrown at Melissa's face.

Gail had picked up Jared's coffee cup and threw it at her, and her eyes were firm and resolute.

Melissa shrieked, hands waving around as she tried to dab her face but it was to no avail. "What the hell did you do?" she screeched, sounding like a drowning cat.

"Happy, bitch? It's unfortunate that your boyfriend's coffee isn't hot enough, but it doesn't matter." Gail faked a smile and walked back to the counter.

She took off her apron and folded it properly on the table beside her.

"Gail, stop!" Melissa curled her fingers into fists.

"Shut up," Jared whispered, pulling her sleeves but she wrenched him off.

"Fuck off!" It had only made Melissa even angrier. She didn't care for the disgusted gazes directed at them from the other guests. She just wanted Gail to pay.

However, since her face was already wet from the mascara and blush, they had to leave. Gail glanced at the manager not that far away. Without saying another word, she walked out of the counter and towards the door.

"Wait a minute, Gail." A masculine voice sounded behind her, which drew her attention.

The manager's jaw dropped when he saw the two suited men by the window. He didn't notice that his boss came by today. He might not have a chance to get her back now! The manager's lips quivered.

"Are you calling me?" she asked with uncertainty as the two men approached her.

"It's me." The man in a dark blue suit walked to Gail with a smile, and a man followed closely and looked at her expressionlessly.

"What can I do for you?" She smiled faintly.

"You did a great job, plus you protected your dignity. As the owner of this shop, I would really want you to stay. Plus, I'd rather you replace our manager over there." The man in a blue suit motioned to the manager with an easy smile.

"What?" Gail furrowed her eyebrows.

"I'm the boss here. My name's Jackson Wei. Sorry to scare you." Jackson Wei reached out his hand.

"Hello." Gail furrowed her eyebrows as she reached out to shake hands with him. "But I resigned. You've seen it."

"It doesn't matter. This is my business card. You can call me when you figure it out. You can work here." Jackson Wei gave his business card to Gail.

"I'm his friend. You can come and work in my company, too." The man who was silent the entire time, also handed to her his business card.

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