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   Chapter 422 Getting Tired Of Her

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Sometimes people needed good luck. It was easy for Fiona to get everything that ordinary people couldn't imagine. It was enviable for her to manage the entertainment company of Jeremy.

Belinda's eyes lit up. "Fiona, say yes to Mr. Jeremy. We will depend on you from now on."

Nanette agreed. "Although we have been in the entertainment circle for a short time, we know some basic rules. It's too hard for us to work in this field. Fiona, I know you like this job, but sometimes you have to think for us."

Fiona knew they were thinking too much.

"Don't think too much. I won't be a manager. You'd better give up on it. Come and help me. Jeremy has put forward a lot of opinions. As they were from the boss, we have to follow them."

Hearing this, they immediately became very serious although they wanted to tease Fiona.

After they finished their work, Gail asked in confusion, "Weren't you having a quarrel with Mr. Jeremy? Why do you get back together with him so soon? Look at me. I'm still in low spirits. If Jack doesn't come to me, our relationship is completely over."

Gail was depressed, but what could she do? It was a fact that Jack's family didn't accept her. Most of the time, some deep-rooted ideas couldn't be changed, so people could only accept the fact.

She had tried to please Jack's parents, but they just didn't agree. She even risked her own life, but the result was the same.

They all sighed.

"Hasn't Jack come to you?"

Gail shook her head.

Fiona got angry at once, "Jack is so hateful. Don't worry, Gail. I'll ask Jeremy to help you teach him a lesson."

"No, thanks. We two families won't be happy even if we force ourselves to be with each other. Do you know how painful I am? It doesn't matter if they look down upon me alone. But when it comes to my parents, I can't bear a single word."

Her parents gave birth to her and raised her. They were worried about her all the time. She was an adult now. If she brought trouble to her parents and made them embarrassed, Gail would look down upon he

you in love? What you said is abnormal. You are no longer the innocent Belinda I know."

"Don't talk nonsense, Fiona. I am still the one you know. I'm still single."

It was embarrassing to say that. Belinda hadn't had a boyfriend yet.

"I don't believe it."

"There's nothing I can do if you don't believe me."

Fiona and Belinda two were talking and they didn't realize that someone was coming without expectation. Gail was in a trance.

Jack's voice was hoarse and heavy, as if he hadn't spoken for a long time. It was not until a long time later that he finally spoke the whole sentence.

"Gail, let's talk."

Gail instinctively hid behind Nanette. She did not want to talk to him. Nanette answered for Gail, "Jack, you can leave now. You can't even handle your family well. How can you make her happy? She has suffered a lot these days. If you love her, you should deal with everything well, instead of putting pressure on her."

With stubble on his face, Jack looked several years older than before. He lowered his head and said dejectedly, "Gail, in fact, I'm here to break up with you."


Gail pushed Nanette away, ran to Jack indignantly and slapped him hard. It was not enough. She wanted to kill him.

The man was tired of her. He would throw her aside and abandon her after having slept with her enough. Was he tired of her?

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