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   Chapter 421 Be Qualified Enough

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Fiona had put too much pressure on herself. Sooner or later, this pressure would crush her.

The work need division and cooperation. On the way here, Jeremy also checked the progress of this project. It was indeed good. For new scriptwriters, it was already rare to make it like this now. There was no problem with the story, and it was also very impressive. His wife was talented in this aspect.

"You are just coaxing me."

Fiona was annoyed and glared at him.

"I'm not coaxing you. I'll be with you to read the script. I want to see my wife's big work."

Fiona did not go on with their conversation because she was too hungry to say anything.

After eating a lot in one breath, Fiona found that basically only she was eating, while Jeremy was just looking at her with a smile.

She wiped her mouth and asked shyly, "Why don't you eat?"

"I want to watch you eat. I really want to be with you every day like this."

Jeremy sighed with emotion. They had really wasted a lot of time, especially this quarrel. They hadn't contacted each other for a few days. At that time, he was immersed in his work and almost thought that he was going to be abandoned by Fiona.

He didn't dare to contact her, so he could only wait for her to contact him. But he didn't expect that such a big mistake would happen because of the loss of his mobile phone.

Fortunately, he found out the truth in the end, or he didn't know if he could find an opportunity to make it up.

He would buy more chocolates for her in the future. It was a good trick to coax her. Annie made amends by good deeds and finally did the right thing. Women liked sweet food, especially this kind of chocolates that symbolized good love.

"You are so glib. Hurry up and eat. If you don't eat, I won't eat either."

Fiona tried to threaten him.

After she washed up and got out of the bathroom, Jeremy picked up the knife and fork, but he put them down the next second. Looking at his action inexplicably, Fiona felt strange. Didn't he want to eat anymore?

Hearing what Jeremy said next, Fiona almost knelt down to him.

"You feed me."


"My hands are a little tired these days.

re were a lot of things to measure for a scriptwriter, especially now many big stars would take the imperial scriptwriter to adapt their own scenes and ignore the other scenes. Therefore, all the problems fell on the scriptwriters and the crew, and they were under great pressure and didn't get much salary.

Of course, Jeremy didn't mean to look down on her. After all, he didn't want to separate with her.

It will be good if the two of them were in the same company. It would be best if they could see each other at any time. They would go to work and go home together.


Fiona thought for a while, shook her head and refused.

She didn't make a name in the scriptwriter industry, but now she was asked to manage an entertainment company. Was it a joke? Anyway, she didn't dare to ruin the entertainment company.

"Jeremy, give me some confidence. I will behave well. At the current stage, I want to perform well in the position of scriptwriter. When I am tired of it in the future, I will try other positions."

"But..." Jeremy did not finish his sentence.

Fiona went to meet with Belinda, Gail and Nanette. After she whispered to them about what Jeremy's plan, she found that they were all staring at her.

She looked down at her dress and asked suspiciously, "Why are you looking at me? Am I beautiful?"

"Narcissistic." After saying that, Gail sighed and added, "But you are indeed qualified enough to say that."

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