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   Chapter 420 The Boss's Wife

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Fiona knew that she could definitely not go on with her work if Jeremy came here. As a result, the crew had a day off today, so she didn't want to delay her work anymore.

In the past few days, she had been in a bad mood and didn't invest much energy in her work. Basically, it was other scriptwriters, including Gail who did the most work. She was just making a decision at most, and she felt very guilty for this.

"No, I don't want to do that."

Fiona had to stick to her decision and couldn't be knocked down by the sugar coated bullets again.

"I miss you so much. Don't you understand me?"

Jeremy's face was full of grievance. He had been so busy in the past few days that he didn't even have time to eat. The long working time was reduced by him in order to come back to be together with her as soon as possible. This little woman seemed not to understand him at all and turned a blind eye to him.

He was frustrated. Was it because he was not attractive enough, or because there were too many young stars in the crew and they were too competitive?

That must be it. He heard that some young men were very handsome and hot now, and they were easy to attract women's attention. Recently, the entertainment company has given him several proposals, wanting to sign with several young men with potential development.

Jeremy didn't want to pay attention to the entertainment company. He didn't care about it. He inquired it years ago just for fun, and he did not mean to expand his business into the entertainment industry. He occasionally invested in a few plays, as long as it was not at a loss, everything would be fine. In addition, Fiona had been a student majoring in scriptwriting at that time, so he kept it all the time in order to meet her again one day.

Later they met each other. Fate was so unpredictable. He felt that investing in entertainment projects was an interesting thing, so he had never cancelled it. However, if he had to concentrate on operating an entertainment company, he would be exhausted.

"Are there many handsome men in the crew?"

With a cold face, Jeremy hugged her from her back. But Fiona couldn't see his expression clearly, so she could only hear his voice with a little displeasure.

Was he angry?

"Jeremy, as you know that we are shooting TV series a

to you anymore."

"You... you are really evil!"

Jeremy said in an attractive and magnetic voice, "I'm not an evil guy in front of you. I'm not a normal man. Don't worry. The script is not a problem. At the worst, I'll help you with it tomorrow."

"Can you do that?"

Fiona didn't believe him. This bad man always fooled her with his words.

"I can learn it in two seconds. Your man is a genius. Don't you believe it?"

"You... cannot do it too hard."

Jeremy seemed to be relieved and couldn't hear what she was talking about. All he wanted now was to get her and have sex with her. He didn't want to think about anything else.

When Fiona woke up again, she smelled a strong fragrance and her stomach made a sound. She sat up almost reflexively and looked out of the window. She found that there was a big sun outside. Looking at the sun, it seemed that it was very late.

Her face was full of resentment. Jeremy was pushing the dining car. She turned aside and didn't want to talk to him anymore.

"Are you hungry, Fiona? I asked the hotel to prepare your favorite food. Have a taste. You won't be disappointed."

"Jeremy, do you know what abstinence is? What about today's work?"

Fiona was anxious and angry. Everyone had gone to work. She felt ashamed to stay in her room to sleep.

"You are the boss's wife. What are you afraid of? Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Give your work to other employees. Don't worry. They are also excellent. " Jeremy knew that Fiona couldn't go on like this with her work.

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