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   Chapter 419 Chocolate

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"Is this chocolate delicious?"

Jeremy seized the opportunity to ask. He peeled the sweet wrapper and handed this chocolate to her.

Fiona didn't refuse. She really couldn't refuse the temptation of delicious taste. She said: "Do dream that I forgive you so soon. I did make a mistake that day, but Gail is my friend. I haven't had many friends for so many years. Anyone will not think too much but take actions like me. I could not just watch under that kind of situation."

"I know, but I was afraid you would get hurt."

"I'm not a three-year old child. I'll be fine. But you, why didn't you answer my phone these days?"

Speaking of this, Fiona felt anger rose in her mind again.

It was not that she couldn't get in touch with him for one or two days, but several days. She was really scared.

"I'm sorry, Fiona. I won't do that again. I lost my phone when I got off the plane that day, and then I got a new phone. I didn't save your number in my new phone. The assistant doesn't know who you are, and you didn't tell her either. I'm very busy, and she saw fit to blacklist your number. I've already taught her a lesson."

"Fired her?"

In fact, she could accept Jeremy's explanation. When she heard the woman's voice that day, she subconsciously thought that there was another woman beside Jeremy, and she almost didn't dare to think about it.

But as Jeremy's assistant, when she received so many phone calls so many times and didn't say anything, but asked for Jeremy. Anyone else would do the same as that assistant.

Besides, Jeremy was so handsome. If a woman called him for no reason, most of them would think it was an unwanted call.

"Do you want me to fire her?" In order to get her forgiveness, Jeremy couldn't care so much now. Although he had promised to give Annie a chance, he would fire her without hesitation as long as Fiona asked him to do so.

She shook her head and replied, "Forget about it. I also did something wrong."

"You mean you want to forgive me?"

"Don't think about it. I won't forgive you so easily."

Fiona was going crazy. Didn't she make a decision to punish Jeremy? Now she almost could not hold it on.

s best to reduce the time in order to finish his work as soon as possible and come back as soon as possible.

Especially when he knew that Fiona was angry, he felt regretted and wanted to kill himself.

He was so angry that he almost lost Fiona this time.


Fiona made a cup of water with honey and came out. When she saw that he was asleep, she sat down and looked at his handsome face carefully. He was thinner, his chin became sharp and his face was full of fatigue. He must be very busy abroad these days, so he didn't have time to look at his phone.

She pressed her lips on his face and lay down quietly, with her arm around him.

These days, she was also frightened, afraid that Jeremy would really be angry and abandon her.

The two of them had a quarrel, and neither of them was willing to apologize to the other first. In the end, it was themselves who suffered.

"Don't argue with each other fromn now on. If you have something to say, just make it clear. Don't play hide and seek. "This time, it is a good lesson for them.

Jeremy opened his eyes and held her tightly. "Well, I'll take care of myself. I'm sorry to make you suffer this time."

"Why are you awake? Have more sleep."

"How can I really fall asleep with you by my side? I haven't do it for a long time."

Fiona wanted to pretend not to hear anything. This bad man did not think anything serious at all. She had to get up to read the script.

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