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   Chapter 417 The Unusual Situation

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Noticing that something was wrong, Phil asked seriously, "Is there any problem between you and Fiona? She called me these two days but didn't ask about you."

Fiona greeted others, but didn't mention Jeremy at all. A few days ago, she had always asked about Jeremy.

The young couple must have had a fight. Noting getting Jeremy's answer for a long while, Phil finally confirmed his guess.

Jeremy tried to cover it up, "Grandpa, don't talk nonsense. I'm on good with Fiona."

"No wonder you didn't call me back these days when you were on a business trip abroad. Did you call Fiona?"

Hearing Phil's questioning, Jeremy fell into silence again.

These days, he thought that Fiona would call him, but he never thought that his phone did not save her number, and it was blocked by his assistant and Fiona could not get through.

He was anxious and angry. What could he do? Was there still a chance to make it up?

Phil was also a reasonable person. He advised sincerely, "Jeremy, you are a man with responsibility on your shoulder. It's easy to coax a woman. You should provide a ladder so that she can climb down."

"I know she is easy to be coaxed."

Jeremy agreed with his grandfather. Otherwise she wouldn't forgive him again and again. But this time, he just wanted to punish her for a little bit, but he didn't expect that she had gone too far. He didn't know how to end it, and he hoped that she would forgive him unconditionally as before.

Phil sighed, "Forget it. I won't say anything more to you. Richard married her granddaughter to our family not to make her suffer. You should be careful in the future. If you dare to quarrel again, and if your granddaughter-in-law runs away, you are not allowed to come back again."

"I see."

Jeremy nodded without any resistance.

After hanging up the phone, Jeremy came out of his office and saw the female assistant standing outside with tears on her face. She looked pitiful.

"Mr. Jeremy, I'm sorry. Please give me another chance. I've been working in the company for two years and I'm loyal to it. I don't want to leave the company."

Annie said bluntly like most people in the M Country.

She appreciated Jerem

ain, I will block you, not only in the company, even if you go to other companies."

"Okay, Mr. Jeremy. I see. I will behave well in the future."

Annie breathed a sigh of relief.

And Jeremy also came back that day. Yes, he went straight to the shooting set.

He was carrying several big boxes of chocolate. Annie tried to make up for him. She said that a brand of chocolate in M Country was very delicious, so she specially told him where to buy it. He rarely bought snacks for Fiona, so he bought one box for each flavor.

In this weather, Jeremy was worried a little bit. He could only pray that the chocolate would not melt.

Jeremy came to the shooting place quietly. When he saw Gail, he deliberately didn't want to look at her. Seeing her was equal to remembering the thrilling thing that day, and he didn't dare to think about it.

Fortunately, Fiona was safe. If anything terrible happened to her, he would definitely kill Gail and Jack, especially Jack.

"Mr. Jeremy, nice to meet you."

Jeremy just nodded without saying a word.

"Mr. Gail, are you still hating me? I know I was wrong. I was in a trance that day. Now when I recall it, I don't know what I have done."


Jeremy glanced at her with a long face, and then walked into the shooting set.

Seeing that Gail was in a daze outside, Nanette patted her on her body and asked, "It's daytime. You have lost your soul?"

"Nanette, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

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