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   Chapter 416 Remember The Instructions

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The more Fiona thought about it, the angrier she got.

Nanette also heard that, but she asked Fiona to calm down first. She said, "You should think more about how good Mr. Jeremy has been to you. If he messes up with other women like this, you won't fall in love with him, will you?"

"I do believe that he won't, but I'm not sure if other women have no feelings for him."

He happened to have a quarrel with her on his business trip. It was easy for a woman to take advantage of the opportunity.

Fiona really wanted to go over and see what was going on to Jeremy.

But she felt ashamed to do so. Jeremy even did not answer her call. When she really arrived at the place where Jeremy was now, she might not be able to see him at all.

"Well, I don't care about you anymore. I have to go back and take good care of Gail. Otherwise, we don't know how long she will torture herself. It was really unworthy for her to do so just for the unworthy man."

The bystanders could see it clearly, but the people involved might not.

Fiona took a deep breath and continued to call, but she didn't expect that it was still that woman who picked up Jeremy's cell phone.

"Miss, I know you called me a moment ago. You can tell me your phone number. What do you want from Mr. Jeremy? After you finish your words, I can decide whether to give the phone to Mr. Jeremy or not."

Fiona hung up again.

She didn't fall asleep the whole night. On the early morning of the second day, she came to shooting place to start her work. With so many people working together, the script progressed very fast. In just two days, it had almost been finished the outline. For the following episodes, the script just needed to be refined as they went on shooting.

Fiona helped the cast people carry the props. She had to make herself very tired. Maybe being tired, she would completely drive Jeremy out of her mind.

"Watch out!"

In a daze, she looked down and her arm had been wounded.

"Miss Fiona, are you all right?"

The man of the casting group was trembling with fear. Others didn't know the relationship between Fiona and Jeremy, but everyone in the casting group knew that they were a couple with deep


"Do you think? You almost made me to die. Do you know who she is? She is my wife."

Jeremy angrily said, "Pack up and leave. From now on, you are no longer an employee of the company."

The assistant was frightened and kept begging, "Mr. Jeremy, please give me one more chance. I will not make the same mistake."

There would be no more chance for her.

Jeremy called Fiona all the way, but he didn't get through.

When he returned to the hotel, he was exhausted to the extreme.

He kept calling, but the result was the same.

He had given Jack a holiday. Now that he lost a capable assistant, he couldn't deal with many things as soon as before. He felt it tough to handle the situation.

Jeremy had to call home.

Phil picked up the phone and asked in confusion, "Jeremy, why are you so good today? Why did you call back? If I hadn't known that you were on a business trip abroad these days, I would have thought that you would leave this house. "

"I'm very busy and I lost my phone."

"Does Fiona know that?"

It turned out that Fiona didn't tell the family what was going on between them. That this silly woman always had something to bear on her own. Jeremy had to say, "She doesn't know. I'll call back to ask if my baby is okay."

"He is great. Don't be too busy with your work. You can never make enough money. You should spend more time to with your family."

Jeremy agreed, "Grandpa, I will remember your instructions."

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