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   Chapter 387 Get Twice The Result With Half The Effort

Flash Marriage: My Mysterious Man By Lu Manman Characters: 6947

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The girl actually threw herself into the arms of a married man. Fiona's eyes were burning with jealousy, so she simply turned her head aside and didn't want to see this "wonderful" scene.

Jeremy was held tightly by Cindy. The young girl was so strong that she didn't hesitate at all. Her hands were covered with calluses and were very thick. She was about twenty years old, so she was not an ordinary person.

"Get away from me!"

Jeremy shouted coldly, glaring at the young girl with his sharp eyes. At the same time, he pushed her away with more strength.

"No, I don't want to let you go."

Cindy's voice was soft and soft, with a sobbing tone. At the same time, she looked very innocent, until she saw the chest of Jeremy. Everything seemed so weird.

Jeremy frowned and asked in confusion, "Miss, did I know you before? I'm sorry. I'm married. Please behave yourself."

He broke free from her again.

As soon as he got rid of her, Jeremy immediately went to make an apology to Fiona.

"I don't know her, Fiona."

Cindy argued strongly, "Why don't you know me? We used to be good. Don't you forget about me? You saved me before. I said I would marry you when I grew up. Have you forgotten?"


Jeremy felt a headache.

He only remembered one person he had met before. That was Fiona. As for other girls, he didn't remember at all. Wasn't this girl kidding that she wanted to marry him?

Fiona couldn't stand it anymore.

It was in the 21st century, but they still talked about marrying each other in such an ancient way. She was going to marry Jeremy soon, and this girl dared to openly compete with her.

If she didn't stand out, would others think she was easy to be pushed over?

She couldn't stand it if she didn't protect her relationship with Jeremy.

Fiona stood in front of Jeremy domineeringly and looked coldly at the poor girl in front of her. She was too thin. If she was a little fat, she might be prettier than Kari. Now she stood next to Kari, just like an ugly duckling.

She wasn't afraid of Kari, not to mention this

After all, she was a noble lady, but she didn't expect that she would be annoyed by a little girl. She hated herself.


Jeremy shouted.

"Yes, I am," replied Kurt reflexively

Jeremy glanced at him casually and said, "Kurt, I know you love Kari..."

"Who says he loves me? Even if he does, so what? Anyway, I will never love him. He is just day dreaming to be my boyfriend." Kari interrupted Jeremy without hesitation. Who gave him the illusion that Kurt and she might be together?

No matter how poor she was, she would only consider a man with better conditions than Jeremy.

Kurt is just a lousy doctor. He is even more hesitant than her. How could she love him? She couldn't afford to lose her face.

Ignoring Kari, Jeremy continued, "Buddy, you haven't been in love yet. Don't stay in the hospital all day long for research. I'll tell you a way to let Kari love you. You can please Kari's cousin. Maybe you will get twice the result with half the effort."

Seeing that Kurt was stunned, he shouted, "why don't you go?"

Kurt gave a glance secretly at Kari. But she didn't look well.

He must have made a mistake. It was all Jeremy's fault. He had been dragging him into trouble all day long. Last time, he had risked his life to accompany Jeremy to go abroad to look for Fiona. Now he had been sold, but he was really curious about this young girl.

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