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   Chapter 386 What's The Relationship

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'These two were really a couple!'

Fiona didn't want to say a word to Gail anymore. Nanette kept laughing beside them. She put her hands on the shoulders of Fiona and Gail, and said, "You're so funny, but it's just a joke. I believe that Gail has a good eye for people. And Gail, don't put pressure on Jack. Mr. Jeremy has seen all kinds of ups and downs. As for the fear of marriage? I believe he cannot wait to get married to Fiona."

It was an obvious fact. As the insiders, they had seen them showing off their love more than once. They were all honest and didn't mean to deceive others.

In Jeremy's eyes, there was only one woman, Fiona. And that feeling seemed to be that he wanted to cherish her and didn't want her to be hurt at all.

How could Jeremy have premarital phobia as he loved Fiona so much?

The three of them went to the wedding dress shop, and the wedding dress was already done.

Fiona wanted to have a look, but Kari happened to appear from nowhere all of a sudden.

Beside her, there was a woman dressed like a foreign doll. She was cute and childish.

"What are you doing here?"

Fiona had a bad impression of Kari.

Although later she was told that Kari had made great efforts in M country, it couldn't change the fact that she had hurt her and Jeremy. Fiona didn't want to be enemies with Kari. Of course they could not be friends.

Kari shrugged. "We are going shopping and then come to the wedding dress shop. Although we don't have a man yet, we can try on the wedding dress. It's good to be prepared for the future." After all, it was her cousin who came to see her and ask for the wedding dress shop. When she came to the wedding dress shop and saw Fiona, she immediately realized that something was not that simple.

"I'm coming!"

Kurt rushed over, out of breath. He was stunned to see a little girl next to Kari. Didn't they say that he and Kari would go shopping together? Why was there a third person?

What was the relationship between this girl and Kari?


"Can't I come here together with my cousin? Are you against me with this? If you have any problem with it, don't chase me. I don't love you anyway. In my heart, you are not even as good as a finge

the Huo family to save his woman and his son.

The Huo family was originally founded by Kari's parents, and had nothing to do with Andrew. In the past few years, it had been occupied by him, and he had made a lot of money. Kari didn't ask her to pay the cost of what he had done, but frozen his property. It was already very kind to him.

Cindy said stubbornly, "No, I won't leave. You can't let me go. I just want to try on the wedding dress. I haven't had a good day since I was a child. My father doesn't care about me. Neither do you. You are all bad people. I don't want to see you anymore."

She just sat on the ground and cried loudly.

Kari pulled Jeremy over and whispered to him, "You can check what Andrew has been doing recently. I don't know where his money comes from, but he doesn't obtain money from me."

"I see." Jeremy nodded and expressed his gratitude sincerely, "Thank you."

"You're welcome. This is my compensation for you. It was really my fault before."

With a loud bang, Kari fell to the ground. She didn't know how this happened. She just stared blankly at Cindy who had rushed into the arms of Jeremy. Was it true or just her dream?

Fiona was also flabbergasted.

The little girl who had been mischievous now held Jeremy obediently. She was a devil just a minute ago, but now she became an angel.

Everything happened too fast.

Fiona's face turned pale and asked, "Jeremy, what's the relationship between you and this little girl?"

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