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   Chapter 299 Leave

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In the primary house of the Fu family, Fiona was very flustered. Although Ella had informed Jeremy, she couldn't rest assured as Phil and Jeremy were still in the area under the control of Vivian.

"What should I do?"

Fiona muttered while pacing up and down inside the house.

Ella was almost dazzled by Fiona's behavior. She said trying to calm Fiona down, "Lady Fiona, you really don't have to worry about it. You must believe that Mr. Jeremy is capable enough to solve this problem."

"I trust him, but..."

Vivian was a cunning woman. She had been holding back her anger in the Fu family for so many years until now. It could be seen how much anger she had accumulated.

Crack! Crack! Crack.

It was gunshot!

How could it be!

Who made it? How dare he do such a thing in broad daylight? Was he afraid of being punished by the law?

A group of men in black clothes and black masks rushed in at the same time. All of them looked strong and held weapons in their hands. They looked very difficult to deal with.

Fiona and Ella hugged each other, with cold sweat on their backs.

Their bodyguards also came to stop the ones who broken in.

With her eyes wide open, she asked in panic, "Who are you? What on earth are you want to do? This is the house of the Fu family. You can't afford to offend the Fu family."

"We don't think so."

The leading man looked at the photo in his hand and finally fixed his eyes on Fiona.

"You, come with us."

"No way!"

Fiona wouldn't go with them. She knew that these people were vicious and could do anything to her.

Once she was under their control, they might threaten Jeremy with her. At that time, they would not only kill her, but also gave a tough situation to Jeremy.

Fiona now really felt that she was a big trouble.

What should she do?

The man in black was getting closer and closer. Since their bodyguards did not have any weapon in their hands, they must not be a match for the other party.

She was very tired. She thought she had suffered enough. Why did she still have to put up w

rotect her. You can tell Jeremy that when he can really protect her one day, we will let him pursue her."

"Don't go!"

She shouted, but the man walked too fast.

She tried her best to get rid of the control of the guy, but the one who escorted her didn't show any mercy to her at all. Instead, he exerted so much strength that her wrist was scratched.

The car drove away.

Fiona was taken away.

The big house became a quiet place.

Ella cried bitterly.

She called Jeremy. But she couldn't organize her words after crying for a long time.

She faltered, "Mr. Jeremy, Lady Fiona was taken away by Vincent."


Just this word?

Ella didn't believe it. She reminded him seriously, "Mr. Jeremy, Mrs. Fiona was taken away. Do you understand what I mean?"

"I do. It will be safe for her to stay with them."

"…" Ella was extremely disappointed. No matter what she said, her belief of love would be ruined. Men were unreliable.

On the other side, Jeremy breathed a sigh of relief. He had already thought of this when he confronted with Vivian just now. He didn't expect that Richard and Vincent were so considerate.

Indeed, he didn't protect her well.

Besides, in this case, it was undoubtedly the best choice for Fiona to go with them, so that he had nothing to worry about.

He could just fight against Vivian. What could Vivian do to him?

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