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   Chapter 291 The Mysterious Woman

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On the other hand, Kari was very rational. She said to Andrew slowly, "Uncle, there are some things that can't be seen only by eyes. What if someone deliberately falsified the testimonial? After all, sometimes what you see may not be the truth. "

"Kari, shut up!"

Andrew felt a little sad. He was sure that Caspar was his son, and since Vivian had said yes, then there would be no mistake.

Kari shrugged and said casually, "Uncle, I've told you. Believe it or not, it's your business."


In a rage, Vivian came over with a slap in her face.

She was going to teach this ungrateful woman a lesson.

Kari didn't get angry. Instead, she took the initiative to provoke her. "You can do whatever you want. Anyway, what I said is true. Are you angry from embarrassment? Otherwise, you haven't told my uncle for so many years. "


Kari shrugged and stopped her. "I don't want to meddle in your relationship with your son."

After saying that, she went upstairs, and the figure of Jeremy repeatedly appeared in her mind. She had never seen such a handsome and capable man for so many years. Inevitably, her heart fell in love with him.

He was so charming that she wanted to hold him in her arms and love him with all her heart?

That night, Kari had a beautiful dream. In her dream, it was her wedding with Jeremy, and he kissed her.

That kiss was affectionate and romantic. It seemed that she had gone to heaven and didn't want to wake up all her life.

After noticing that Jeremy had come back, Fiona went straight to the study. He was so quiet that she couldn't figure out what he was thinking.

She knocked on the door, but he didn't let her in.

After clearing her throat, he asked, "Jeremy, are you okay? Are you feeling better? Let me change the dressing for you. "


"I'm good at bandaging. Trust me, or I'll call Dr. Kurt over."

"No need! I'm fine." Jeremy was suffering from pain and tried his best to return to

ut soon." Kurt felt guilty. He thought he was a medical genius.

If he couldn't find the antidote, Jeremy would

He didn't dare to think about it. He could only try his best to save him.

"Okay, I'll wait."

Another hour later, Jeremy felt like he was just taken out of the bathtub. He was wet, the hot air on his body was baked, and the breath from his nose was hot.

He gritted his teeth and looked painful.

The phone rang. It was Kurt. He struggled to move up from the ground as if he had seen a life-saving straw. "The result is out?"

"I'm downstairs of your house. Jeremy, the medicine I will give you is a pain killer, not an antidote. But don't worry. It can relieve your pain."

But there were only a few pills left. After using them up, Jeremy would continue to suffer.

He could try to restore the painkillers, but time was too important. He couldn't afford to waste time, nor could Jeremy.

He felt he was useless.

Jeremy opened the door himself and took him to a dark place outside the house. He reached out his hand, and Kurt immediately handed him the painkillers.

Kurt could do nothing but watch him eat one. He was so nervous that he wanted to know the result. "How is it going? Jeremy, don't worry. There is no side effect of this medicine. I've tested it. Are you okay? "

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