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   Chapter 290 Manipulation

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Jeremy slapped himself. He was too impulsive. He didn't have to save that woman in person, but when it happened downstairs of his company and obviously it would get him involved, he stood out by himself.

"Forget it. I won't bother you."

He wanted to find that woman by himself. Since she had the ability to poison him, there must be a solution.

Kurt grabbed his clothes and said, "Jeremy, I know I have made you sad. I promise I will give you a satisfactory answer, but I want time."

"Do you need time? How long do you need? One day, two days, one month and one year? Or a lifetime?"

Jeremy sneered, "Do you know that I felt pain all night yesterday? I don't want to endure that pain for any extra moment."

He was very angry and guilty. He thought that after dealing with the problem of Vivian and Caspar, he could have a happy life together with his family, but no one had expected that such a funny thing as poisoning would happen to him.

He ignored Kurt's call and took the elevator to the parking lot. As soon as he found the car, he found an enchanting and tall woman leaning against his car.

Jeremy was confused, "Miss, I'm sorry. This is my car."

"Mr. Jeremy, I've been waiting for you for a long time."

"Wait for me?"

Jeremy reluctantly raised his head and looked at the woman seriously. Since he was with Fiona, there had been no difference between other women in his eyes, and he didn't bother to look at them.

It was her.

The woman he saved that day.

With her hands crossed, Kari Huo raised her eyebrows and asked crossly, "Have you forget me? I heard that Mr. Jeremy never forgot everything so easily. I'm a little sad now."

With his face darkened, Jeremy asked in a low voice, "Who are you? Why did you drug me?"

"Ha ha ha, you guessed it. Mr. Jeremy, you are really qualified to be the man I like. You are very good." Kari Huo reached out her hand, but Kari didn't shake hands with her. She was embarrassed.

"Mr. Mr. Jeremy, you are so heartless."

"I have got married."

The man and the woman's words were really annoying.

Anger was written all over Kari's face. She snorted and said, "Yes, you're right. Mr. Jeremy is really an outsta

hands and walked out. She raised her eyebrows and said sourly, "It turns out that you are not in love with my uncle although you are together with him. You bitch, you deserve to have a bad life as you played with his feelings."

"Shut up! None of the Huo family is good."

Kari was irritated and her face turned red. She raised her hand and reluctantly put it down when she heard Andrew's rebuke behind her. She snorted, "Uncle Andrew, you heard it too. She doesn't love you at all. She just played with your feelings. Wake up early. You won't have a good ending if you keep this woman.

Besides, she didn't let you know that Caspar was your biological son at the beginning. She didn't plan to tell you for the rest of her life. Only a fool like you would be at her disposal."

With a long face, Andrew scolded, "Kari, don't talk nonsense."

"How could you say me to talk nonsense? What I said is true. But Uncle Andrew, you are blinded. You really have to blink your eyes. Don't always be fooled by her. If she succeeds in the future and in kicks you away, you don't know how to cry."

"No, she won't. Caspar is my son, my real son."

Thinking of this, Andrew was very happy. He had been with a lot of women for many years, but each of them was not as good as the taste of Vivian in the past, and none of them could give birth to a child for him. When the woman and his son came back to him, he felt that happiness came to him, and he would cherish it.

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