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   Chapter 288 Poisoning

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Startled, she stared blankly at Jeremy who slapped himself. She hurriedly reached out her hand to stop him, but heard him apologize after a long while. "I'm sorry, Fiona. I didn't fulfill my responsibility as a father and a husband, and you suffered a lot."

It turned out that it was because of this Fiona almost thought he was crazy.

She smiled, "What are you thinking about? You are a good man. I'm afraid I don't deserve you."

Her ability was mediocre. If the Qiao family hadn't been purchased by him, her family was good to deserve him. But now, she was poor. She was already very lucky to have his favor.

His business was getting bigger and bigger. He was no longer the illegitimate child that many people didn't like before. Now he was firm and charming.

She couldn't help laughing.

Jeremy held her hand and warned her, "Don't be silly. I still don't think I deserve you."

"Are your hands feeling better?"

"Yes, I can drive."

That was exactly what she wanted to ask. She wanted to arrange a driver.

Jeremy's attitude was very determined, "I have to send you to the hospital in person. This is what I should do."

Along the way, Jeremy didn't say anything. His face was covered with sweat, and the wound on his hand was pulled. He gritted his teeth in pain.

Fiona turned her face cautiously and saw him with a smile on his face. She knew everything that he endured pain, but she also knew that it was because of guilt that she didn't have the heart to interrupt him. Maybe in this way, he would feel better.

When they arrived at the hospital, Kurt arranged for an obstetrician.

During the whole process, like a good husband, Jeremy took good care of her. He followed her in every project, patiently and carefully remembered what the doctor said, and even took notes.

Fiona felt touched.

"Jeremy, don't be too nervous. Our child and I are fine."

Seeing that he carefully held her, with his heart hanging high, he felt sorry for her. Sh

couldn't help regretting.

Holding her hand, Jeremy smiled palely and said, "I'm fine. Don't feel guilty."

The nurse was confused. She found that there was something wrong with his wound, so she called Kurt in a hurry.

Kurt rushed over and was about to make fun of him, but when he saw the strange color of his wound, he was shocked. "Jeremy, are you so seriously injured in the explosion?"

It wasn't so serious yesterday. His wound

When Kurt saw the message from Jeremy's eyes, he immediately asked Fiona to go out first. "Fiona, you can wait outside. You know that I'm not a frivolous man. I'm afraid that the scene will frighten you later. Pregnant people can't see this scene. You'd better go out quickly. I'll call you if anything happens."

Fiona nodded, "Thank you, Dr. Kurt."

As soon as she went out, he held Jeremy's arm and checked it carefully. He muttered, "It's so abnormal. I suspect that you have been poisoned."

"How could it be? I haven't been with others these days. "

No way.

Jeremy didn't believe it at all. He simply asked in disgust, "Is it because of your poor medical skills that you can't even bind up this small wound for me?"

"Jeremy, I'm not kidding. I'm serious."

Kurt looked very serious, and Jeremy knew that things were not simple.

He might be poisoned.

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