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   Chapter 285 Being Defeated

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Frustrated, Andrew didn't find a word to retort.

Jeremy took a look at his watch and said apologetically, "Mr. Andrew, I'm injured today. I didn't entertain you well. I'll invite you to my house another day."

Andrew should know what he meant.

"Young man, you can't hold your breath at all."

As soon as he finished his words, Phil was confused. He frowned and asked, "Mr. Andrew, you and Jeremy..."

Phil was also a man who had gone through a lot of ups and downs. What Andrew said tonight was very strange. Every word he said was directed at Jeremy. Although he said it out of concern, it sounded meaningful.

Jeremy was very polite in front of others. But just now he wanted drive him away.

Andrew quickly solved Phil's question and explained, "Don't worry, Phil. I don't mean to harm Mr. Jeremy. I just said that he didn't have to save that woman in person, but he did. And he got himself injured, people who don't know may think that he and that woman are husband and wife."

These words were more and more straightforward.

Jeremy smiled frankly. "Thank you for your concern, Mr. Andrew. But I can't just stand by. My wife knows me."

"Yes, I believe in Jeremy. He won't do anything to hurt me."

Fiona took the initiative to stand out. If she didn't defend her man, would she wait to be humiliated by Andrew?

She didn't like Andrew.

He came here to say something, but it seemed that something was wrong. It was very likely that it had something to do with Vivian and Caspar. Maybe the explosion was planned by them.

There were so many dangers around her that she didn't know when something would explode.

Fiona was trembling with fear, and the color on her face had faded a lot.

Andrew was sensible. He smiled and said, "I'm just here to visit Mr. Jeremy. After all, we have to cooperate with each other. Since Mr. Jeremy is injured, I won't disturb your rest. I have time to push forward the cooperation."

g that he was actually Caspar.

Fiona's mind was in a mess.

Vivian was very unhappy and resentful.

She came to this house a lot of times before she became the hostess of the Fu family, but that man still didn't like her at all.

She even made another woman pregnant after that. She had had enough of it all these years.

She wouldn't let the Fu family be at ease.

There was an iron door between them, and Fiona was inside. If she didn't open the door, the security guard would definitely not open it.

It suddenly dawned on Fiona. She shouted, "Are you Conrad?"

The heir chosen by Andrew?

It was not hard to imagine the reason why Andrew was hostile to them. With her beautiful eyes wide open, she glanced at them uneasily and asked, "Why did you come to the Fu family?"

She held the phone and dialed Jeremy's number silently.

Fiona didn't know what to do.

After hesitating for a while, Vivian smiled and said, "I won't tell you who he is. Tell Phil that that I want to see him in person."

If he could hand over the Fu family obediently, Vivian would forgive him. But if he refused, they would bear the consequences.

Andrew was at her disposal now. She couldn't do anything to the Fu family, but who knew in secret? Moreover, Jeremy indeed had many weaknesses.

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