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   Chapter 276 He Is Still Alive

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Jack didn't have any clue about the investigation, but he didn't expect that Jeremy would want the result so soon. He wiped his sweat and said, "Mr. Jeremy, we have to take a long-term view on this matter. It's not easy to find it out."

"What's the use of you?"

Jack was taken aback. Looking at the fierce Jeremy, his heart sank. He panicked and asked, "Mr. Jeremy, are you going to fire me?"

"If you can't find it out today, you will bear the consequences."

Jack wanted to die. It was not easy to investigate? What's more, it was about a dead person. Wasn't it too unrealistic for him to think that a dead person would come back to life? He didn't believe it.

He said in a low voice, "Mr. Jeremy, in fact, I think you might have found the wrong direction."

"I don't think Caspar is dead. Besides, go and investigate his mother."

That was exactly what he thought.

Jack felt that his position was really uncertain. He explained impatiently, "Mr. Jeremy, how can a dead person be revived?"

"What if he hasn't died at all?"

Jeremy sat down and grabbed the photo album on the table.

It was weird that all the photos about him had been taken.

He ordered in a serious tone, "Investigate as I said."

By the time he got off work, Jack still had no idea what was going on, while Fiona had woken up. She had heard the argument outside for several times. She knew that Jeremy was under great pressure and didn't have the heart to disturb him.

Suddenly, she saw a message on her phone.

The signature was Caspar's mother, Vivian Tang. She wanted to see her.

'I don't know her and I am not familiar with Caspar. Why does she want to see me?

When she was about to go out and tell Jeremy, she received a message from her, saying, "Don't tell anyone, or I'll kill Jeremy."

How dare she!

Fiona was irritated by her words. She thought to herself, 'Vivian has divorced with Jeremy's father. Now she has nothing to do with the Fu family. Why can she threaten me in such a tone?'

Vivian: I hope you can do as I say, or else you know w

pregnant? Is the child Jeremy's? "

There was no emotion in her tone.

Fiona touched her belly and didn't want to tell her. She nodded and added, "Thank you for your concern."

"You are pregnant? You should have married Caspar."

"There is no if."

Suddenly, a tinge of coldness appeared on her face. She slapped the table angrily and said, "How dare you talk to me in such a tone? It's all your fault. "

Blame her?

Was she kidding?

In the past, she thought these rich women were elegant and noble, and ordinary people could only be controlled by them but not be played with. However, after so many things, she was greatly shocked when she saw Melissa and Vivian.

The so-called rich woman would also be hysterical.

With an innocent and sweet smile on her face, Fiona looked at the woman and said, "I think you think too highly of me. I won't be so charming to put your son to death."

"He's not dead. Don't curse him."

"Is he still alive?"

The coldness overwhelmed her. She held her breath and couldn't believe it.

Realizing that she had said something wrong, Vivian tried to calm down. She grabbed a glass of water in front of her and gulped it down. She smiled and said, "I'm just kidding. Caspar is gone."

"Are you telling the truth?"

Fiona stared suspiciously at her pretended calm face. She had answered her too clearly just now.

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