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   Chapter 272 Unpredictable

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Jeremy brought up this topic again.

Fiona looked at his sincere eyes, which were very deep and fascinating. She threw herself into his arms and smiled charmingly.


Jeremy couldn't believe his ears. He asked again, "What did you say just now? Can you say it again? "

Amused and annoyed, she punched his chest twice and said remorsefully, "Forget it. If you didn't hear me. I won't say anything more."

"No, you must tell me. Please." Jeremy didn't give up.

Fiona was a little angry, but she was moved.

Jeremy must have cared too much about it, so he was eager to confirm it.

"Jeremy, let's remarry. After this play is over, let's remarry. After all, this is my first play. I need to finish it."

"Okay, you have to keep your words."

It was a play. Jeremy could afford to wait. He raised his hand and wanted to hook up with her.

"Are you still a kid? Why are you so childish? "

He explained seriously, "I'm afraid that some people may forget. My love can't be played with casually. We must get married as soon as the play is finished. I'm looking forward to it."

"Well, I know. I won't go back on my word. I want to marry you, too."

She wanted to be his wife and got all the blessings from others.

Although it was Claudia's engagement ceremony tonight, she was still affected by the atmosphere.

No wonder many people thought that a real marriage could only be considered after a ceremony. Today, she also realized it.

She could get everyone's blessings and marry her beloved man in the witness of everyone. Nothing was happier than this.

"Keep your words."

Fiona reached out her hand and hooked him up.

After the matter about Claudia was over, she and Ray sent them to the film crew in person.

Because Claudia really wanted to have a look at Mona. She liked this singer very much. Moreover, Ray was more or less responsible for the kidnapping. If he had noticed it earlier, it might not have happened.

If they were not fine, he

y by her side. You must have bewitched her. "

Vincent couldn't figure out how many tears she had been shed for him.

He really thought that Fiona would never be able to go back with Jeremy, but he did not expect that they would still be together after going through so many difficulties. It had to be said that their fate was very envious and hateful.

Jeremy was so angry. He raised his eyebrows and teased, "Vincent, you can be lucky too. My cousin is easy to coax. She is sunny, but I hope you can treat her well. If you really don't like her, you can let her go."

After this movie was finished, if they didn't make any progress, they could go separate ways.

"I know."

Vincent was so angry that he could do nothing.

In the past few days, Mona's attitude towards him had become cold again, which made him think that it was a dream when he fell into the valley that day, and everything had changed when he woke up.

He added indignantly, "Your family is unpredictable."

"I was wrong."

Jeremy's eyes were fixed on Fiona from afar. He smiled and said, "It's okay to be unpredictable. When we face an unimportant person, we won't waste our time on expression. So, Vincent, it's up to you whether you can make it or not. We can't help you."

He had to hurry up to urge the crew to finish the shooting.

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