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   Chapter 271 Let's Remarry

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Ray and Rose attracted everyone's attention. Claudia saw this scene. She thought she saw hope, but it turned out to be a dream.

Louis asked remorsefully, "Is he the one you like?"

"Yes, but I have to try to treat him as the past." Claudia felt dizzy. Louis wanted to hold her in his arms, but was pushed away violently the next second. He staggered and fell to the ground.

Louis was furious, and he couldn't bear it. Ray specially brought a woman to mess up the party, and reasonably came to grab Claudia.

If he really liked Claudia, there wouldn't be such an accident. It could only be said that Ray didn't like her as he had imagined.

"Let her go."

Louis warned coldly, his eyes filled with coldness.

Ray said seriously, "I won't let her go. I will never let her go. You wish you can get engaged to Claudia."

Louis was about to explode with anger.

At this time, Claudia's dizziness disappeared. She looked around but didn't see Lawrence. She could only look at Fiona pleadingly. She knew that she could rely on her now.

Not letting her down, Fiona walked over and reached out her hand. Ray didn't want to let her go, but he had no choice.

She helped Claudia to the lounge, and the engagement ceremony was still going on.

Claudia took a sip of water and hesitated.

"You still like Ray."

"Yes, I can't help it. I still love him. Do you know how I feel? Seeing him being entangled with another woman, my heart is in a mess. I really want to rush over and throw that woman away. "

In particular, Rose just used Ray. Such a woman didn't deserve his love at all.

But what was the use? Ray had been in love with her for many years, and the woman he had been thinking about was Rose.

How could Claudia, a woman who appeared halfway, stop them from being together?

Fiona wiped her tears and said, "Claudia, I have no right to persuade you, because my relationship is also a mess. I'm glad that I haven't let g

he couldn't make mistakes again and again. He had his own considerations and wouldn't be used again and again like a fool.

"No, you must be kidding. Ray, tell me, what you just said is not true."

"I'm telling the truth, Rose. Others may not know about it, but I know that your mother committed suicide for you to escape. You know she has such an idea, why don't you stop her? You can even abandon your family ruthlessly. What else can't you abandon? "

Although the guests had been dispersed, everyone present had heard it clearly.

Fiona sighed.

As a result, it was self-evident that Ray would no longer like her, and he finally saw through her.

She held Jeremy's hand and the two of them quietly left.

Sure enough, within two minutes, Claudia came out to hug him.

It was true that she had no resistance to the person she liked. Not only was Fiona speechless, but also Lawrence came out to stop her, but it was useless at all. Claudia wanted to be with Ray without hesitation.

Her voice was loud, as if she was announcing it to the whole world.

"I like you. I want to be with you. Ray, you will like me as well in the future."

Fiona and Jeremy returned to the hotel. Everything happened tonight was just like a dream. Claudia finally got happiness.

"Let's remarry."

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