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   Chapter 270 True Love

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There was no one more aggrieved than Jeremy. He had thought that remarriage would be put on the agenda soon after they reconciled. After all, Fiona was also pregnant, but he had never expected that she didn't want to remarry so soon.

He sighed.

Rose escaped from the hospital at the price of her mother Lily's suicide.

After exchanging suicide for Rose's leaving the hospital, Jeremy couldn't figure out what was going on. He just wanted to keep her out of the bright sunshine forever.

Jeremy came back to his senses and returned to Fiona soon.

His voice was low and magnetic, so pleasant to hear that it could make people pregnant. "Are you envious?"

"Yes, the engagement ceremony is very beautiful, and everyone wishes them well."

She knew that love could be cultivated, and from Claudia's point of view, she was willing to have a try with today's engagement protagonist, Louis.

Many things needed to be tried, or no one would know the result.

It was better to try to take a step forward than to stay.

Moreover, Ray used to like Rose, but now he changed his mind. He said he liked Claudia, which sounded not real. It was really suspicious that his purpose was impure.

If this was what Claudia wanted, Fiona would sincerely bless her.

Jeremy whispered in her ear, "When you remarry me, I will hold the most grand wedding ceremony for us. I want everyone to know that you are my wife."

No one could take her away from him.

No matter it was Francis or Vincent, they would never have a chance. Fiona could only be his woman.

With a giggle, she pushed his chest and said, "It seems that you are really arrogant."

"How can I let you come back to me if I'm not crazy? I'm not the coward Ray. "

"Oh, speaking of him." Looking around, Fiona didn't see Ray. "Today is Claudia's engagement ceremony. Mr. Lawrence won't let anything unexpected happen," said Jeremy bluntly.

Bodyguards were arranged everywhere in the hall, so they should be on guard against

end up like this? "

"No wonder I haven't heard from her for a long time. It turns out that she is in hospital. Maybe she is seriously ill."

Everyone present made up a big play.

But in the mind of both Fiona and Jeremy, they had already believed that Rose was coming to make trouble.

Rosa ran to Ray quickly and grabbed his hand. She begged, "Ray, I like you. It took me so long to see my heart clearly. Please come back to me, okay? My mother committed suicide. I have nothing. "

When she was taken out of the hospital, she wanted to go far away, but the world was so big that where could she escape?

Jeremy was powerful. And the police would never let her start a new life as she wished.

Lily took it for granted. Did she think it was good for her to commit suicide? She was too selfish.

Knowing that Ray was coming for Claudia, she couldn't sit still.

It was hard for her to get Jeremy, but she was sure she could take advantage of Ray, but he didn't expect that Ray would become someone else's man one day.

She couldn't stand it anymore. Even if she threw Ray away as rubbish, he was her belongings and no one was allowed to rob him.

"Ray, I love you. Can you come back to me? I will try my best to be your wife in the future. "

Her words were so sincere that her heart was almost taken out.

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