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   Chapter 266 Responsibility

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"I will take my responsibility."

Said Ray.

Last night, when he felt the heat flow in his body, he knew that his obsession with Rose had completely ended.

The only feeling between them was gone because of her scheme.

Claudia threw a pillow at him and scolded with a red face, "I don't need you to take any responsibility."

"Let's get married."

Was he insane?

Claudia looked down at the funny man sitting on the ground and wanted to laugh.

Contrary to his usual serious look, he looked like a fool now.

He said that he would be responsible for her. She didn't need him to take the responsibility.

She pointed at the door and said, "You can go now. From now on, I don't want to see you anymore. Do you think I'm the kind of woman who has to be with you? With the social development nowadays, it's normal for adults to fool around. I won't take it seriously. "

"But I take it to my heart."

Ray stared at her with his deep eyes.

Claudia was furious. "Ray, are you insane?"

She smashed another pillow. This time, she accidentally kicked down the quilt. Her body was not covered at all. She was about to cry.

She didn't know what to do.

"You are so beautiful."

Ray took a deep breath.

His whole body was trembling, and he could not help but recall the sweet scene last night. He loved Rose, but she only loved Jeremy. He had prepared to be single for the rest of his life, but he did not expect that one day he would have an impulse to have sex with another woman.

Perhaps it had become a habit to be good to Rose, and he could not change it.

Responsibility blinded him and made him unable to see what he liked.

Claudia wanted to take his eyeballs out.

"Ray, have you seen enough? If you keep looking at me, I'll call the police. "

"I don't mind if you speak louder. You'd better call your father here. I can propose."



'Go to hell.'

hat she said shyly, "Be careful."

"I know. I will be careful."

Claudia couldn't help muttering as she watched him leave safely.

The man was a complicated man. After what happened last night, his attitude changed greatly. She felt that everything was too fast and a little unreal.

Fiona and Jeremy received a call from Ray, asking them to go to the hospital.

"Ray asked us to go to the hospital. Does he ask us to help him again?"

"I don't know. Fiona, don't worry too much."

How could she not worry?

"Ray and Rose's family have been scheming against us in order to get her out of the psychiatric hospital. He asked us to go to the hospital voluntarily. I can't think of what he is going to do."

She continued to propose, "Maybe we'd better not go."

Ray called again.

Jeremy took it. He heard Ray say, "Ray, you and your wife must go to the hospital. Today I'm going to announce an important thing. I won't force you anymore. Don't worry."

This kidnapping had nothing to do with Ray. He wanted to help Rose, but he didn't have to do such a harmful thing.

In the past, he helped Rose to separate Jeremy from Fiona. He was wrong, and he just wanted to make up for it.

"I know you don't believe me. I will explain what happened before."

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