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   Chapter 249 Pity

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Fiona felt uneasy. She finally met a friend she really wanted to get along with, but she never thought that she would be kidnapped, downstairs of the hotel.

If it weren't for her, Claudia wouldn't have been kidnapped.

She felt very guilty.

Jeremy knew what she was thinking. He put his hand on her shoulder to give her constant warmth and comfort. "Don't worry. Claudia will be fine."

"Well, I hope she is fine, too."

Such a beautiful woman would definitely be fine, and God would bless such a kind woman.

But this was the last village along the river. If they couldn't find her, where should they go?

Not to mention whether she could be found or not, what if...

Fiona couldn't imagine any more. At this moment, all she wanted was that Claudia could live well.

Supported by Jeremy, the two walked into the village step by step.

The village was very desolate. It was near the river, and the commissioner was covered with moss. Jeremy was very careful, fearing that Fiona would slip down accidentally.

It could be seen that Fiona was sweating and she was under great pressure.

They all wanted to find Claudia as soon as possible.

She told herself that she would try her best.

Fiona saw a child with messy hair and only worn a pair of broken trousers. When she was about to stop him, the little boy ran away quickly.

"Don't run away. We have something important to ask you."

The little boy was scared. He rolled his frightened eyes and ran faster and faster.

Jeremy comforted Fiona and immediately ran out with the little boy. Finally, he stopped the boy and asked, "Why do you run away? Do we look like bad people? "

The little boy nodded honestly.

Jeremy's heart was broken. He couldn't help thinking what if his child also thought he looked like a bad guy in the future?

It was a serious problem.

Jeremy held the boy's arm and asked straightforwardly, "Have you ever seen a beautiful girl? She is very similar to the woman who was with me just now."

The boy nodded and immediately shook hi

felt sorry for him. She squatted down, took the pot and helped to clean the rice. "Let's help you. The elder brother and I are good at cooking. We will cook a delicious meal for you."

The little boy was sobbing silently. Upon hearing this, Fiona immediately signaled Jeremy to go out to buy some food. She had seen that there was nothing but a few sweet potatoes in the house.

Who would have thought that there would be such a poor place around the colorful city? It was incredible.

Jeremy was worried and said, "Let's go together."

"No, I have to take care of the elder brother and sister..."

The little boy covered his mouth as soon as he finished his words. He almost spilled the beans. They asked him not to tell anyone casually. Once he said it, they might be in danger. At that time, he would not forgive himself.

Jeremy knew that there would be a chance. He picked up the thin boy and held him in his arms. "We three go to buy food and cook a good meal for your brother and sister."

It took them more than half an hour to get to the vendors' place. One of them was selling meat and the other was selling vegetables.

The little boy nestled in Jeremy's arms. He hadn't felt such warmth for a long time and wanted to cherish it all his life.

Tears welled up in his eyes.

Jeremy looked at Fiona pitifully. He wanted to hug her more.

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