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   Chapter 248 She Will Be Fine

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Fiona and Jeremy didn't expect that Lawrence would come to visit them in person.

But he didn't look well.

It was a spacious presidential suite, but it was cramped and small because of the presence of Lawrence.

Jeremy was about to ask him straightforwardly, wondering if he wanted to tell them something about Dinah, but Lawrence asked, "Jeremy, did you hide Claudia?"

Although he had tried every means to hide the DNA test from them, he didn't dare to take it lightly. He was afraid that they would make a big fuss about Claudia and try every means to know Dinah's past.

The past was a scar for him, and it was also a beautiful memory. He didn't want to destroy the peace.

Sometimes, he just needed to recall. There was no need to let them know.

Fiona and Jeremy looked at each other in dismay.

It was true that Claudia had come to see them today, but they didn't know when she had left. They had a very full day. Fiona was reading the script, and Jeremy was correcting the official documents. As for the matter of Rose, they didn't take her seriously.

"Say it or not?"

Lawrence's face turned red. He slapped the table and it almost collapsed. It could be seen how angry he was.

"Claudia has left. She has already left. Mr. Lawrence, if you don't believe me, you can ask the hotel for the surveillance video. I believe that with your ability, you can get the video soon."

Johnny hurried to look for the surveillance video, and soon he saw several people take Claudia away.

Claudia was the apple of his eye. He had protected him well for so many years. He couldn't bear to see her get hurt, let alone being kidnapped by others.

He angrily insisted that it was Jeremy and Fiona who did it.

He stared at them with burning eyes. "Don't challenge my patience, or the consequences will be very serious. I advise you to find Claudia obediently. If you find her, I can spare your lives, or you will bear the consequences."

Jeremy found it

self. Instead of making her anxious, it was better to take her personally. If anything happened, the two of them could take care of each other.

Jeremy came to the river according to the materials he had searched.

They swam down the river.

Noticing that there was a ship on the surface of the river, Lawrence personally commanded. They saw that he had experienced a lot overnight. It seemed that Lawrence really liked his daughter.

Looking at her bulging belly, Jeremy suddenly felt that the child was a blessing from God. He thought that if he encountered the situation of Lawrence, he would make the same choice as him without hesitation.

No matter he was alive or dead, he had to find him and never give up hope.

At least there was a chance.

The moon shone brightly. When they were about to reach the end of the river, they still couldn't find any news about her.

There were not many villages by the river, and few people lived there. Over the years, everyone had been walking into the city, and there were only the old people and children left in the village.

They came to the last village by the river. If they really couldn't find it, then...

Fiona comforted herself not to think too much.

Jeremy held her hand and said, "Claudia is a good girl. Don't worry. She will be fine."

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