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   Chapter 247 Completing The Task

Flash Marriage: My Mysterious Man By Lu Manman Characters: 6690

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As soon as Claudia came out, she saw Ray standing outside the room gloomily.

She was startled. When she was about to speak, her mouth was covered by the man. She was dragged rudely to the downstairs of the hotel.

She shook off his hand angrily and asked curiously, "What do you want to do again?"

His expression was terrible. "Well, why do you ask me? I also want to ask you what you want to do. You promised to forgive Rose, but why did you look for Jeremy and Fiona?"

Fortunately, he had followed her in time. He knew what Claudia had told them, or else, Rose would definitely blame him later.

He had worked hard for Rose all his life, and what he was most afraid of seeing was her disappointed eyes.

He just hoped that she could live happily and get what she wanted.

Claudia felt a little guilty. She did tell them the truth.

But it was true. She didn't make up stories.

Rose had done it. Why couldn't she tell others about this? Moreover, she was also a victim. Since Rose hadn't apologized to her, it was good enough that she didn't sue her.

Perhaps Ray didn't know who he was.

Feeling tired, Claudia shook off his strong and powerful hand and said, "Let me go. I promise to forgive Rose. But it has nothing to do with me reminding Fiona of the danger, right? Young man, I think you are very handsome, but why do you fall in love with this vicious woman? "

It was a pity that he wasted his time on this evil woman. She felt sorry for him.

Ray was so angry that his face turned red. He turned his face away coldly and said, "You don't need to care about the matter between me and Rose. I hope you will keep your words in the future. Since you forgive us, don't gossip around."

Claudia went mad when she heard this.

She didn't know what was wrong with him. He couldn't see the dark side of Rose. On the contrary, what he saw was the most beautiful side of her.

Why was this man so blind? Love was stupid. No, he didn't get that woman's love at all.


you lend me your phone? I need to make a call."

Ray handed over his phone without hesitation. Seeing that there was no signal, she couldn't help but want to shout to the sky. God was so cruel to her.

She was surrounded by those people and she had no way to call for help.

God was going to kill her. What had she done in her previous life?

Claudia was afraid of getting Ray into trouble. After all, there were four or five people on the other side. Although he was a man, he was obviously not a match for them.

Claudia didn't want to owe him.

When she was about to say something, her hand was firmly grasped by Ray. He quickly asked, "Can you swim?"


As soon as Claudia answered, several men immediately shouted at her, "Stop! You are courting death."


Instinctively, Ray stood in front of Claudia and pulled her into the river.

They ran to the river and saw the blood on the surface of the river washed away. They were half dead with anger.

"What should we do now? We have received the payment. If we don't catch her, how can we take the money? "

"We have to keep our words. Or how can we explain it in the future?"

After discussing for a while, they immediately jumped into the river. After thinking for a while, they still felt that they had to find Fiona and complete the task.

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