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   Chapter 244 Compromise

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Although Rose got mental disease and needed to be hospitalized for a lifetime, who could guarantee that Ray, who was free outside, would not ruin their relationship.

It was not easy for her to be with Jeremy, and she would never allow anyone to destroy it.

She made up her mind not to let him go.

"Well, don't worry. Ray and I have been friends for so many years. I know what kind of person he is."

Jeremy comforted her. Women liked to think too much.

Since she was pregnant, he had to make way for her.

"Do you know what kind of person he is? Jeremy, you know nothing at all. "

Fiona was so angry that she went back to her room at once. She didn't want to talk to him, because she saw his meaning in his eyes just now.

He just thought she was making trouble out of nothing.

She had been separated from him. That was the darkest time in her life. She couldn't see hope, and she had to think about what she and her child would do without Jeremy.

She hated the two people who had separated them. If possible, how she hoped that everything was just a dream and everything would change after she woke up.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to return to the original state.

Ray went to her with the divorce agreement and tried every means to let her know that it was under the instruction of Jeremy, but in fact, it was just a plot between him and Rose. She overheard it when she wanted to see Rose one day.

Since then, she didn't want to see Rose anymore. She must have been out of her mind at that time to care about her situation.

"Fiona, are you feeling better? I brought your favorite cake. "

Jeremy's voice was so pleasant to hear that it could make her happy.

She couldn't resist the temptation of the voice. She held her breath and tried to resist the impulse to him.

In a fit of pique, she resisted, "I'm not hungry at all, and I'm not fine either. Jeremy, I don't allow you to see Ray."


ould cure Rose and see her live in the same blue sky with him.

"She can't get rid of the shadow in her heart, and she will never be cured. Jeremy, I beg you. Please, give Rose a chance to turn over a new leaf."

Fiona's ears ached.

If they gave Rose a chance, who could give them a chance?

She only knew that they could be together again because neither of them had given up, not because of others.

Fiona asked back, "Ray, do you mean we cast a shadow on her? We are the victims. How can you be so selfish? "

It was very kind of her not to hold Rose accountable. She couldn't let him forgive her.

"I'm sorry. I know my request is unreasonable..."

"Since you are unreasonable, don't continue. We don't want to hear it. Ray, you can leave now."

After entering the elevator with Jeremy, she found herself very domineering. She just didn't want to see Ray's pitiful and helpless face again.

Rose didn't need them to forgive her, because she couldn't be forgiven.

She couldn't walk out herself. No one could help her if she didn't really accept the past.

This was the biggest concession Fiona had made.

As soon as the elevator arrived, the two of them came out, but Jeremy didn't keep going. With a confused look on her face, Fiona turned around to look at Fiona.

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