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   Chapter 243 No Way

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The sudden arrival of Claudia startled both Fiona and Jeremy.

In the quiet dining room, someone suddenly laughed behind them. It was indeed a little scary.

Claudia came uninvited and sat next to Fiona with a smile. She said with admiration, "I thought Mr. Jeremy didn't really like you, but it's not like what I saw today. Fiona, you are lucky."

"Thank you."

Fiona replied politely.

She had no blood relationship with Claudia. It was not what she thought.

She held her white and tender hand, looked into her eyes and said seriously, "Claudia, I really hope to have a sister like you, but unfortunately, we have nothing to do with each other."


Claudia's face turned pale with fright. She also felt regretful. Although they looked so alike, they were not related by blood. Who would like to believe it? She asked tentatively, "Is there anything wrong with the identification result?"

Jeremy coughed and said, "I have arranged the DNA test myself. Don't worry. You have nothing to do with each other."

Claudia answered dully, "Okay."

Fiona asked the waiter to bring her a set of tableware, "You haven't had breakfast, have you? You come to look for me so early. Are you looking forward to seeing the result as soon as possible?"

Feeling a little embarrassed, Claudia touched her head and replied with a red face, "You are right."

"I've seen the results this morning. I'm sorry. But you can ask your father to have another baby." Fiona teased. She thought that Lawrence looked young and strong, and it was easy for him to have a baby.

She was afraid that he didn't want to have a baby.

"He..." Speaking of Lawrence, Claudia had a lot to say. "My father is a freak. He hasn't renew his relationship for so many years. I don't know how he usually meets his physiological needs. I feel sorry for him."

Jeremy and Fiona looked at each other and thought, 'This girl seems to be careless about what she said.'

"What's your expression?" Claudia widened her eyes a

uldn't help blaming him, "Dad, be careful. Your hand will be cut. What's wrong with you today? I'm your daughter. Can you tell me? "

There was something wrong with him. Normally, he wouldn't be like this. But today, he was so restless that he even knocked over the teacup.

This teacup was very expensive. It was bought at an auction house by Lawrence and worth seven figures.

The expensive teacup was smashed into pieces, which made her heart ache.

Jeremy and Fiona looked at each other, knowing that they couldn't get any answer today, so they decided to leave first. It would be better for them to know more about Lawrence.

They must go back to find more evidence, otherwise even if he kept asking, he would not answer directly.

As soon as the two of them returned to the hotel, Fiona said at once, "Lawrence must know something. If he doesn't tell us, what can we do?"

"Don't worry. He will tell us."

"No way."

Fiona didn't believe him.

At the same time, Ray came to the downstairs of the hotel. He took the initiative to call Jeremy, "Let's meet. I have something to tell you."

Fiona was surprised, "Ray?"

Wasn't he with Rose? At that time, he had colluded with Rose to ruin their relationship, so she would remember it clearly. She angrily stopped Jeremy and said, "I don't allow you to see him."

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