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   Chapter 242 Identification

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Seeing his expression, Fiona knew what he was going to say, but her hunch was right this time.

"I guess that Claudia and I are biological sisters."

"……" Jeremy admired her imagination, "Let's talk about it after you find the evidence. Now go back to rest with me. You know that you are pregnant. Do you still think you are a little girl?"

He didn't want her to take any risk.

When they returned to the hotel, Jeremy ignored her request and took her to take a shower, wiped her body, dried her hair and even changed her clothes, making her like a giant baby.

She was not a child anymore, and even if she was pregnant, she could live a normal life like ordinary people.

Jeremy must be too worried.

Putting her hand on his forehead, she comforted him kindly, "Don't be so nervous, Jeremy. I'm just pregnant."

"Your pregnancy is a big deal. The doctor said you should be careful. If you are not careful..."

Jeremy didn't dare to think about it. He just wanted to do his best to protect her.

As for what happened to Dinah, he would personally investigate it for her, and she didn't need to do it herself.

After all, he still wanted to take care of her and didn't want her to have any trouble.

She smiled and said, "Well, butler, can you help me check the DNA of me and Claudia? I've got her hair and she agrees with me to have a paternity test. "

As long as the paternity test was done, it would be clear whether they were related or not.


Jeremy answered reluctantly. He wanted to go to bed with his wife at this time.

But he knew that this was something that Fiona was concerned about, so he had to go to the hospital in person. He found an acquaintance in this city and recommended a doctor, making sure that everything was confidential.

But it fell into Lawrence's ears.

He scolded Johnny, "You said that Claudia is going to have a paternity test with that girl?"

"Yes, it is said that they are looking for a

ing this.

"Dad, you just don't want me to be your daughter. You speak weirdly today. Don't you like me?"

Or did he recall something unpleasant when he saw Fiona?

She said seriously, "Dad, I don't care if I have a sister or not. I just want you to be my father. You can't drive me away. We will be together for the rest of our lives."

"Okay, I'll be with you forever. I'll watch you get married and give birth to a baby."

Fiona and Jeremy got the test result, but they were not related by blood.

Was she wrong? But that kind of intimacy was so real, as if they had known each other for a long time.

Fiona felt uneasy and asked nervously, "Jeremy, is it possible that the identification is wrong?"

"It's impossible. I've found someone. He is reliable. Maybe you have nothing to do with Claudia, or the DNA test will show it."

"Well, that's the only explanation."

Fiona was still thinking about Claudia, so she ate her breakfast casually. Jeremy calmly warned her, "Just eat. Don't think too much. You are not alone now. Take care of yourself."


A burst of silvery laughter came from afar and approached. Claudia briskly walked over and sat beside Fiona, with an envious look on her face. "Not bad. It seems that Mr. Jeremy is not like the rumors. He is not a playboy."

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