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   Chapter 240 Strange

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Fiona smiled. In a relationship, he was not the only one who needed to pay, and she would also pay. She said seriously, "Jeremy, don't be too good to me."

Otherwise, she would indulge herself in it and forget what she should have done.

He had done enough for her. She didn't want him to feel unfair.

After washing the dishes, Jeremy stretched out his hands, and she immediately wiped them with a tissue.

"Well, I'm good to you, so are you." Jeremy smiled.

In such a short time, he had already known what was in her mind.

She must be afraid that she would fail him in the future, so she was so careful.

Seeing that she nodded, Jeremy pulled her into his arms and said, "Silly girl, you are my wife. It's natural for me to treat you well. Don't have too much burden. Not every woman is willing to risk her life to give birth to a baby for me."

When he consulted Dr. Nina, he asked all the questions that he should ask. Pregnancy was an extremely hard thing for a woman. Such an accident might happen on the day she gave birth.

Jeremy didn't dare to accept other results. He just wanted her and their child to live a peaceful life. If he had to choose one, he would definitely choose Fiona without hesitation.

Fiona burst into laughter, but her eyes were filled with tears.

"Why are you so affectionate?"

"Because I don't want to be separated from you."

"…… Don't say that. Grandpa is watching TV outside. If he sees us so close, he will be woolgathering again. Jeremy, calm down. You are not a child anymore. "

When she recalled the scene that they were caught by Phil before dinner, her face was still burning. It was so humiliating.

"Okay, I know."

They decided to rush to S city on the second day. They must find Lawrence as soon as possible. He often went abroad to do business. If they couldn't find him at the celebration party, they might delay their next meeting.

Jeremy didn't want Fiona to wait too long.

The two of them got the invitation. In the evening, they dressed up and came to the hotel where the celebration party was held.

The celebration party was held because Lawrence'

by his side, he felt very comfortable.

He didn't have a chance to be with Dinah, but at least he would take good care of her daughter and prevent her from being bullied outside.

When he left the world in the future and saw her, he could also say to her that he loved her.

Johnny knocked on the door again. The father and the daughter finally decided to go out.

When she saw Claudia, she felt that she had met her before.

It seemed that they had seen each other for a long time.

No, they looked like each other.

She asked Jeremy cautiously, "Do you think I look like Claudia very much?"

Jeremy glanced at Claudia and then looked at Fiona. His face darkened. They looked exactly the same. Although they didn't look the same, they had the same aura.

What was their relationship? And what was the relationship between them and Lawrence? Jeremy didn't believe that such a strange thing would happen in this world.

According to Jonas's words, he found they were right to find Lawrence.

The celebration party was in full swing. Claudia received praise from the crowd. She was full of confidence, and her eyes were full of worship for her father.

When it came to the draw, Claudia drew a number under the arrangement of the host, "No. 8!"

She felt a little strange. She called the number two times, but no one answered. This was the biggest prize tonight, but the one with the number didn't care.

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