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   Chapter 238 Extreme

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What else could Jonas do except agree? He had no choice and didn't want to live a poor life anymore.

Money was not everything, but without money, life was extremely hard.

For example, Melissa couldn't bear to live a hard life with him, and had been openly with another man. Today was her daughter's wedding day, but she didn't come back to attend the wedding.

What could he do even if he was angry? Life had to go on step by step.

Olivia was his only daughter. He had to prepare the property for her.

"I will."

Even if he wanted to remove the scar in his heart, he had to go on without hesitation.

Dinah used to be a beautiful woman that everyone liked. She had just transferred from abroad. Because of her forthright character, she had been liked by many men in her class, not only in her class, but also in the whole school. Every day, there were countless boys waiting to ingratiate themselves with her.

Jonas laughed at himself. "I was overconfident at that time. I thought it was great to have a few money at home, but what I didn't know was that there were many rich and low-key boys in my class. Now I think back, I was so stupid at that time."

He was so silly.

"Get to the point."

Jeremy couldn't stand Jonas keeping recalling. He just needed to focus on the key points and send someone to follow up the clues. He was sure to find some clues.

He couldn't completely trust Jonas.

"You go to look for Lawrence Chu in S city. I suspect that it was him who made Dinah pregnant. She was such a beautiful woman and should have enjoyed a good life, but she suddenly got pregnant. It must be him. That man is so insidious that he can do anything. He doesn't deserve to be with Dinah."

As he said, Jonas's face turned ferocious with anger. Over the years, he had wanted to oppose Lawrence for countless times, but the Ling family was not as powerful as the Chu family, so he couldn't do anything.

Over the years, he couldn't let it go. However, he was indeed not a good leader in the business world.

y best to marry you as soon as possible."


Fiona agreed readily.

Jeremy patted his thigh, and then Fiona sat down shyly. He handed the iPad to her.

She scrolled through the words on the screen and found that Dinah, Jonas and Lawrence were indeed classmates, and they used to have a good time. There were many photos of the three of them in the same frame.

If it was really Lawrence who made Dinah pregnant, she couldn't believe it.

'Did he have to love someone in such an extreme way?'

The information showed that Lawrence's family background was very good. In S City, he was one of the best families, and his family members were engaged in various industries and had a good reputation.


Fiona sighed. The situation of the Chu clan was no worse than that of the Fu clan.

"Do you think others are powerful?"

Fiona was speechless to deal with him. Wasn't he cold and expressionless when he had a cold war with her? Why did he become so emotional now?

She sighed helplessly, "The Chu clan is indeed very powerful. Of course, you are more powerful. You are the most powerful in my eyes."

"You finally know to say something nice to comfort me. You don't know that I'm very sad that I can't remarry you."

Speaking of the remarriage, Fiona was helpless.

Could he think of anything else except remarriage?

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