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   Chapter 236 I've Made Up My Mind

Flash Marriage: My Mysterious Man By Lu Manman Characters: 6517

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Fiona didn't expect it to be so serious.

She had seen that Nanette's family preferred boys to girls and knew that they had broken up with her, but she had always thought that they would not be angry with her for a long time. After all, they shared the same blood.

But the consequences were more serious than she had imagined.

Fiona held her hand tightly and comforted her, "Nanette, don't think too much. You still have a long life. You shouldn't waste your time on the two people."

"I know. I just can't vent my anger. I came here today to let Anselm know how it feels to be slandered."

The wedding march was being played. Anselm and Olivia walked slowly to the stage with the blessings of the crowd.

The fireworks flew to them, creating waves of blessing.

The wedding video they took was playing on the screen. It was beautiful.

All of a sudden, Fiona saw that the screen changed into an awful play, and the leading actor in that play was Anselm. Everyone sighed, and not long after, the protagonist of the video was replaced by Olivia.

Many people whispered

"They have their own affairs but get married. They are not ashamed. I feel ashamed to attend this wedding."

"Exactly. And they were photographed. They are not good people. "

Everyone was talking about it, and the bride, Olivia, was instantly pissed off.

She pointed at the people present, her face full of anger. She roared, "Who on earth is it? Who played these videos? If I find you, I will kill you. "

"Come out!"

"Come out!"

Olivia's words made Jonas feel humiliated.

He had long known that Anselm was not a good person and Olivia's private life was chaotic. But today, he saw it with his own eyes. He couldn't lose his face in front of his relatives and friends.

He pulled Olivia's arm with brute force and asked angrily, "Is that enough? Stop it now. Don't get married. You haven't got the marriage certificate anyway. "

Jonas kept

were not afraid of anything, and so was Fiona.

The wedding went on as usual. Jonas found them on his own initiative.

His face was full of desire, which was exactly what Jeremy wanted. He asked, "Have you made up your mind?"

"Yes, I will tell the truth after the wedding. Mr. Jeremy, could you please help me block this dark history?" Jonas cared about his reputation. Olivia and Anselm's marriage was such a disgrace. He couldn't let it spread.

He wanted his dignity.

Even if telling them would expose his pain point, he couldn't care so much.

"By the way, will you return the Ling family to me?"

"Yes, I will."

Jeremy readily agreed to the deal with Jonas.

Nanette felt uncomfortable.

She had meant to ruin the reputation of the shameless couple. She had never expected that Jeremy would save them.

Fiona didn't dare to face Nanette. She wanted to hold her hand secretly, but she dodged.

She knew she was angry.

After she went to the bathroom with Nanette, Fiona felt very embarrassed and said, "I'm sorry. It's all because of me that Jeremy made this decision. Please give me some time and I'll get it back for you in the future."

Nanette said angrily, "You are such a fool. They have bullied you, but you still help them. Are you still the Fiona I know?"

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