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   Chapter 235 Unable To Go Back

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It was not easy to bully Fiona. She wanted to revenge for Nanette as well.

She still remembered that Nanette's miscarriage had something to do with these two people.

Olivia denied, "You must be mistaken. When did I ever be with this man?"

"Olivia, what are you talking about? We're getting married. I'm your husband and the father of your baby! "

Anselm's face turned red. Fortunately, they were outside. If he was at home, he would beat Olivia up rudely.

He promised to get married silently and endured her criticism for more than one or two days. He was a fool to let her scold him.

But now, Olivia even denied his existence in front of others.

She tried her best to wink at Anselm, but he ignored her on purpose and cursed her.

"Ahem!" After coughing a few times, Fiona suddenly understood and said, "Jeremy and I just met uncle. Uncle said you were going to get married."


Anselm glared at Olivia angrily. Why was she pretending?

He fawningly said to Fiona, "Mrs. Fiona, come to my wedding with Olivia tomorrow. After all, you are our cousin. We have to visit your relatives frequently."

He tried his best to persuade Jeremy to go with Fiona. If he got drunk and he deliberately made a contract for him to sign, he would definitely get a lot of money.

It was better to use some certain ways to do well in business.

Moreover, after all, they were a family. Jeremy would not sue him.

This plan was perfect.

"Oh," replied Fiona. She neither agreed nor refused.

It all depended on her mood whether she would go to see the joke or not.

Fiona was not the lamb that could be slaughtered by others like before. Now she had to take the initiative and would not be bullied any more.

Olivia owed her and Nanette. She would make her pay back at one point one.

Anselm was a smart man. He stopped persuading them and looked forward to their arrival with a smile.

The two of them finally

ics, which were mild and harmless, suitable for pregnant women.

After making up, she went to meet Nanette, leaving Jeremy at home alone.

The wedding was very lively. Although the Ling family had declined, they still had connections in B city.

Men and women in expensive dresses were talking happily and raising their glasses. The wedding was peaceful.

Nanette put on an elegant pale dress and walked elegantly. "I don't know if I can recover my figure by then," said Fiona, envious of her slim figure

Nanette pointed at her forehead and asked, "What are you worried about? Anyway, you have been with Mr. Jeremy, and you are going to give birth to your child. With this shackle, you will not be separated. "

Fiona nodded confidently, "I think so too."

Nanette's face changed when she saw Anselm in a tuxedo. She gritted her teeth and said, "Do you know why I have to come here?"


Fiona almost thought that Nanette was here to bless Olivia and Anselm.

"I can't go back home at all. I was slandered by Anselm's parents in my hometown, and my parents have completely disowned me. All the villagers know that I disgraced them."

She couldn't go back all her life.

Nanette became a person without a root, all thanks to the shameless men and the shameless woman.

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