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   Chapter 234 Get Married

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Anselm couldn't help missing his ex-girlfriend Nanette. When he was with her, at least he wouldn't be so depraved. He knew how to make money and how to make life better.

But since he was tempted by Olivia, he had changed completely. He couldn't believe that this was him.

He became obsessed with money and wanted to gain without doing anything. As time went by, he had been used to this kind of life and could never return to the past.

Olivia was furious and shouted arrogantly, "Anselm, without me, how can you live in the upper class? You are just a person from a small place. I condescend to be with you. You are lucky enough. Pay attention to what you say in the future. I still have connections in the circle. If you dare to oppose me, I promise that I will make you unable to live in this city. "

Of course, Olivia also wanted to go back to her previous life as a rich lady. It was all Fiona's fault. If it weren't for her, Jeremy wouldn't have been angry from embarrassment and implicated the Ling family.

A good family was destroyed. She was not reconciled.

Hearing what she said, Anselm was angry and had enough of it.

He questioned angrily, "Olivia, do you know that your family has gone bankrupt? Connections? Do you think you are still the noble lady from a rich family? No, you are nothing now. "

"Shut up!"

Olivia would rather live in her own dream than be exposed.

She flushed with anger and played a trump card. "I'm pregnant with your child. You should be satisfied that I marry you."

"Ha-ha, you really think yourself pure. Are your sure it's my child? I know you have an affair with many men outside, but you just want to take me as a scapegoat. When you are rich and powerful, I don't mind turning a blind eye to it and acting with you."

"You mean..." Tears welled up in her eyes. She recalled the sweet words Anselm had said to her when they were just together. He was so considerate that she gradually fell in love with him.


as her fault.

How many people did she offend in this world? Everything she did was wrong.

At the sight of Jeremy, Anselm fawningly approached him and handed him a business card.

"Hello, Mr. Jeremy. I'm the son-in-law of the Ling family..."

Frowning remorsefully, Jeremy ignored his flattery and asked curiously, "Sir, do I know you?"

"Mr. Jeremy, I know you. Your wife is Olivia's cousin. I'm going to marry her soon. This is a product produced by our company and has a promising future for investment."

He took out a crumpled leaflet from his pocket.

The Ling family was gone, but he had always dreamed of being rich. In his spare time, he invested in a leather bag company. He followed Olivia and met a few rich people. He was working, hoping to get their investment.

It was rare to see Jeremy at such a close distance. He would definitely not let go of this opportunity.

Olivia felt embarrassed. She would rather see Anselm standing quietly beside her than see Fiona laugh at him.

She must be blind to marry him. She felt so humiliated to be with such a man.

Fiona looked at Anselm curiously and asked Olivia, "are you going to marry him?"

"No, it's not like that. How can I marry such a man?"

"Oh?" She pretended to be confused and said, "I remember you two were together before."

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