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   Chapter 233 Consideration

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There was something wrong with Jonas. If Fiona didn't find it out, she would be a fool.

Taking advantage of his anger, he might spill the beans.

She had an intuition that her mother's death was not that simple.

"Can you tell me? Uncle, I know you care about me. "

"Well, you think I want to care about you? You think too much. If you didn't look like your mother, I wouldn't have adopted you."

When he first saw her pitiful eyes on the street, which were the same as Dinah's, and then saw the jade on her body with her name on it, he was sure that she was the daughter of Dinah.

He really wanted to strangle the child. If it weren't for her, she wouldn't have died.

She was an ominous person.

Indeed, after coming to the Ling family, Fiona did bring a lot of troubles. The originally not harmonious family, quarreled for more times because of her, and later, it became more uncontrollable. Jeremy bought the company of the Ling family because of her, and from then on, the company no longer belonged to him.

The Ling family had become a poor family.

Who could Jonas blame? It was his fault that he was softhearted at that time. After he took her back, he found that she looked more and more like Dinah. She should have sent her away, but he didn't have the heart to do so.

Fiona heard the truth.

She felt very sad. She was kicked around like a ball when she was a child, and was taken back to the Ling family by Jonas. Even though Olivia and Melissa treated her coldly and often played tricks on her, at least they gave her a home to protect her from wind and rain.

Therefore, she was willing to marry on behalf of Olivia, to repay the family affection they brought to her and the warmth they brought to her.

With a sigh of relief, she said, "Anyway, thank you, uncle."

Jeremy added, "Mr. Jonas, if you know anything, just tell me. As for the reward, you don't have to worry. The Ling family's company is dispensable to me. If you do well, I don't mind re

en pregnant for a few months, and it was said that she had a difficult time in the first three months. He regretted leaving her at that time.

Jeremy pulled her into the baby products store, and Fiona guessed what he was thinking.

She sighed with emotion and realized that Jeremy would be a good father in the future. She couldn't help laughing and said, "Jeremy, it seems that you know how to be a father very well."

"I know. It's not easy for me to be a father. Anyway, I have to behave well."

When they were shopping, they heard a voice that was so familiar to them.

It was Olivia.

She held Anselm's hand and sighed. She couldn't help blaming Anselm, "Can you be more hard-working? My pregnancy will show up soon. I have tried my best to persuade my parents to agree to our marriage, but you have to show your courage. "

The more she said, the more disgusted she became. However, she had no choice. It was impossible for Olivia to find a better man, so she had to make do with it.

To be honest, Anselm was a good-looking man with good skills in some aspects. Apart from being poor, he was good at everything.

"Can you stop talking about me? Do you think I don't want to work hard? But in this society, it's not easy to make money even you want to. Not everyone is Jeremy. "

Anselm said impatiently.

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