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   Chapter 231 Concealment

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The security guard was stunned. He really didn't know who this strange woman was, but no matter who she was, Phil had told him not to let anyone in casually.

The security guard made it clear to Joanna, "Miss, please ask the one who invited you to call us."

Joanna bit her lips.

She was indeed uninvited. It was impossible for her to get in.

She was anxious and angry, but she pretended to be confident and provoked, "In that case, are you unwilling to let me in? Haven't you read the news recently? I'm Jeremy's girlfriend. "


The crowd burst into laughter.

"What are you laughing at?"

The security guard sniffed, "Miss, Mr. Jeremy specially brought his girlfriend back today, and she is his ex-wife. They will remarry at any time. You claim to be his girlfriend. Do you have any evidence?"


Joanna had left a lot of screenshots of the news. She clicked it quickly and spread them in front of them. She said proudly, "Have you seen it? Jeremy and I will become a couple sooner or later. You'd better let me in, or when I become Mr. Jeremy's wife in the future, you will wait and see."

"You are so bold, Joanna."

Fiona walked over with her arms crossed.

Just now, she happened to see this scene on the second floor. She was really surprised when she saw Joanna come to her voluntarily.

Joanna straightened up and said, "Can't I come to see Jeremy? Don't forget that Jeremy has allowed me to pursue him. I swear I will be his wife. "

"Really? I didn't hear that Jeremy had such a plan. He told me to remarry him, but I don't think it's a good time to remarry him. I refused him. "

"Don't be so complacent."

Fiona rolled her eyes at her and said in disgust, "If I were you, I would leave obediently and never show up again. I wouldn't humiliate myself. With me around, I wouldn't let Jeremy be with you."

She swore.

It was impossible for Joanna to be with Jeremy. She had done many evil things and should have been punished by the law, but unfortunately, she hadn't shown her we

ng face and said unhappily, "Grandpa, nowadays, it doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl."

"I don't mind. I just want to make it clear first so that I can prepare something for my great grandson. What are you thinking about? Your grandfather has gone through all kinds of ups and downs. Am I such a shallow person? "

Phil slapped on the table. It was unbearable for Jeremy to slander him in front of Fiona.

Jeremy replied in a low voice, "You were kind of..."

"Watch your mouth. Why don't you respect the old? I seriously doubt that you can't take care of the child in the future. Forget it. When I can still take care of the child, let me take care of it after you give birth. I promise I will take good care of the child. "

Jeremy was too angry to say a word.

It was not easy to say the truth nowadays.

However, nothing was more important than a happy family. He picked up some food for Phil and Fiona respectively, enjoying this quiet and peaceful life.

It was good for him to live like this all his life.

After dinner, when they went back to their room, she saw through that Jeremy was hiding something from her.

She waited for him to tell her.

However, not long after, she became impatient. She looked into his eyes, making him unable to dodge. She took the initiative to ask, "Do you have something to hide from me?"

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