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   Chapter 230 Swear

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In the past, Phil was indeed short-sighted. He thought that a girl from a rich family would be well-educated, but he was helpless when he saw the true face of a woman he had introduced to Jeremy.

Sometimes what he saw might not be the real side.

Jeremy's wish to be with Fiona came true, which proved that she was extraordinarily charming. After getting along with her for several times, Phil did think that she was a good woman.

She was simple, kind and had no tricks in her mind. With his current strength, there was indeed no need for him to get married for business. All he needed to do was to find a woman he liked, and that woman also liked him. That was enough.

In front of Phil, he called Jack and said loudly, "Help me make a statement to clarify my relationship with Joanna, and delete all the scandals of me with other women on the Internet."

Jack replied and started to make arrangement immediately.

Jeremy looked at Phil and asked, "Are you relieved now, grandpa?"

"You should have done it a long time ago. But you do this now. Jeremy, next time, I won't let you go and allow you to be with Fiona even if she is willing to be with you if this happens again."

"No, it won't happen. I'll be careful in the future and won't let her get hurt. I'm a man of my word. Besides..." Jeremy paused and looked at the woman beside him happily.

"What's so mysterious? I'm not curious at all." Phil stood up coldly and snorted, "What are you waiting for? Come to eat, or Fiona will think we don't welcome her. "

Fiona immediately shook her head and replied, "Grandpa, it's okay. I know you are good to me. I will be with Jeremy in the future. Don't blame him. It's all my fault that I was not firm before."

Everyone was expecting them to be together, but she was not sure. She regretted deeply. Fortunately, it was not too late.

After dinner, Fiona went back to her room. She felt that everything was like a dream. She didn't forget anything important. When Jeremy came out of the bathroom, she took the initiative to he

is only family in the world.

Overnight, all the gossip between her and Jeremy was removed. All kinds of sarcastic remarks against her in the crew. When she left, the crew did not ask her to stay at all.

She clearly felt the pain in her heart.

She swore that she would give herself another chance and get what she wanted by all means.

"Mom, I swear I will get Jeremy."

Vicky couldn't help but agree reluctantly, but she couldn't help pouring cold water on her, "I won't give you too much time. If you don't take good care of me, find a new target as soon as possible."

"I know, mom. Don't worry. I'm more anxious than you."

Since she had set the target, she didn't want to hide anymore. She wanted to show her admiration for Jeremy openly.

She found a time as soon as possible, gritted her teeth and bought a lot of high-end tonics. She carried a lot of bags to the house where Phil lived.

As soon as she approached, several security guards rushed out vigilantly and stopped her.

"What are you doing? I'm here to visit grandpa. "

She couldn't show her anger. She could only try to smile and pretend to be virtuous.

The security guard didn't let her in. "Miss, we won't let anyone in without invitation. Please cooperate."

With the bag in her hand tightly closed, she gritted her teeth and asked angrily, "Do you know who I am?"

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